Four Year Mile

It was 4 years ago, blogs had just captured the attention of newspapers and the offline world. I had joined Engineering. I had started writing about 2 years ago when i decided to test if i had inherited it from my genes. What started off with autobiographical writings and dark poems eventually culminated in this blog Aninosaintlife, which after second opinions resulted in the version you now see before you. Eventually i broached out to this, largely kept hidden until recently, where i blogged as Insomniac. ‘An Inosaint Life’ gave way to ‘An Innocent Life’ and in somewhere in 3rd year of engineering ‘Life is not all Ha-ha hee-hee’ was replaced by the newer namesake’s name. ‘Mad Hunter Skozaken‘.

The Blog and the online world taught me a lot i should say. In addition to finding some awesome people online, it made me develop my writing style. This has changed from an ‘everyday blog’ to a more My Article Blog.The Old Gang of bloggers is almost all gone. I myself disappeared for long stretches in the past two years when offline life kept me pretty preoccupied. When i did eventually come back, the blogosphere was changed. I really didnt feel the need to ‘publicize’ my blog. I still maintain contact with some of the ‘Old Gang’ but thats pretty much it. Nowadays i just follow some of my friends blogs (who arent very regular when it comes to updating).

In these 4 years, I have started and blogged at more than 7 blogs writing around 350+ posts in all. The Mind Clutter Blogger blog, A Quiz Blog survived and is now on, a Posterous and finally, in July Absolutely Filmy! came into being. I also re-wrote my ‘About‘ Page and created a ‘Downloads‘ page. Thats been my journey so far.
I really feel Blogging/Writing is my Chicken Soup for the Soul. I dont care if people dont read what i write. I know this gives me a way to archive my thoughts. Some day when i am old and worn, counting that the interweb survives, i would look back to the decades of history i intend to chronicle here. I write happy thoughts here. There s a lot left unsaid ; why should i reveal my emotions to all and sundry? Humans are fickle minded creatures. But thats another blog post in itself.

For People who visit/read, Thank You.
For Friends who support, Thank You.

The Five Letter Word

well we all do have our friends,dont we???  and ususally we are all in the process of making more..but come to think of it how many of our friends do we really trust????

Can a person become so close that you would share with Him/Her your deepest Secrets???

In My Opinion the answer would be NO!!! But you would involve them in Matters that concern your day to day life..,perhaps a little more….your past perhaps.Its not always a sign of trust when you are telling something to someone…There may be a compulsion to tell due to rumours flying around about you and you need to tell the people near to you the truth.

Of late ,i have come to trust most of the People in my group of Close friends and surprisingly i found that i found talking to Girls more easier !!! then when i thought about it i found thats its been the same all through my life. There have been exceptions but then they were only exceptions. Either Ways i believe that the fairer sex are more approachable in these matters of trust.[coz guys are usually Dumb with regard to such stuff] So well i asked a girl about her views on this subject and she too told me that it was easier to tell stuff to a guy then to a girl.[Also lately i’ve come in contact that the girls are quite Bitchy behind backs. Ignore this]

well i’ll get back to this later..

until then you may check out what Wikipedia says about this ..

altho i recommend that you should probably read the first para over here …its hilarious

The Basic Electronics…

welll  nothing much can be typed today since i spent most of my time downloadin stuff and talking on the messenger,…

i got firefox 2.o finally ..downloaded in 20 thats fast..thanks to the 2MBps connexion..i got the greasemonkey and foxytuns addons tooo i love google notebook..lets me store webpages i more notepad for me…

the exam was like the ccp exam..nothing to talk about much..the end of the writtens 😀 Es u are next!!! i tried to write whatever i knew…i got this trailer link…but i cudn’t view them

chk this spam message

Electric toothbrush

Keep up hygiene of a mouth

🙂 🙂

i did get my practical timetable today…seems  like they are from 8:30 -11:30 on 23 ,27 and 29…early bird eh??? plus karhtik tells me that habari is going on fine..he has joined in and is trying to help around a bit in its developing…also my freind from RV is dropping by on 21st..also before that..there’s the Beach utsav…hopefully that plan goes on fine… changing from uniforms in college..and running after ES exam[ gotta download those pdf files] on saturday..One of my friend Arshi just joined orkut too…Tomorrow there’s the college Aloysius….nothing much..more spam ..and some nice stuff too i forgot while i was tping over here..i’ll try to come online again tomoro..


having trouble with themes..

Me and My Beard….

This is a completely narcisistic post and hope u ppl forgive me and move along..

Well this is like  dedicated to my beard!!..Which has been with me for a long time…from being there just in the fringes in the the form it took in the 10th end..peopl have usually seen me now with that and that has become somewhat a trademark of mine..but nowadays a lot of people have begun keeping it …seems lik thats the IN thing now,….But seriously speaking ..It has come a long way along with me and although i was without it for quite some time last was back where it belonged due to my lazy ways..

I have written all my latest boards with it…and also those Entrance exams..studied with it…aced most of the above stuff also..and now am blogging also with it..but for the next few weeks it willl have to go ..The End sems are coming and the people who come fo rthe externals for the labs dont feel very good above people with a beard ,earring ,…etc..or so i have heard..i dont wanna lose any marks on account of that so it will have to go so that some god forsaken teacher gets a good first impression of dear ol inosaint ME..Thinking about the Coconut oiled hair look… 😉 cause as it is i get all confused during the Viva-voce .

Talking about first impressions …well one of my best friends now..thought i was one of those run of the mill guys who fag and booze..i dont know he thought i resembled someone he had met one day ,somewhere..i turned out be completely opposite..a brainy guy who might accompany people who fag and booze ..but not gonna fag and end up drunk  anytime soon [atleast when i am sane!! :D] a little bit of alcohol in the form of wine and Bacardi breezer is OK in my book..although in front of Parents…

Not only him ..even the teachers have a wrong impression about me …. with the new ones usually targetting an asking me a lot of questions  …the funniest thing i have been asked by them??? “Do You Take Chits to the exam??” That really cracked me up and i felt like laughing right in front of her..any way controlled it for my own good!! all becoz i didnt answer a question with out looking into my book..

Hey thats more then enough things i have talked about over here…until i get more stuff to talk on this topics ..bye

Week Old Banter…plus shopping

Well this was supposed to come up a lot earlier than this……but tooo much delays…since now i can access the net only on alternate days…The cough is still there……Well i think this wud be a long post…drawn over the couple of days….

We did finish our chem prac sessionals ..werent too bad….next came thursday…another fine day…nothing much….just people reminding about the pending Caed work..and rumours running about the postponement of the subject to the next sems…already declared by other colleges…plus we are dreadfully slow in the process of covering the portion…….We are lagging in BE also …and i was actulally made to stand in the classs because i didnt want to answer a question asked to the last benches..all the ppl in the classes were like is this the first time you are gettin a punshment?? ..because im the innocent guy.Who Cares…

Well the entire day of friday was spent on Caed work on the comp at the lab[PA college postponed their Caed subject to the next sem…lucky buggers]… Our backs were hurting due to that at the end of the nearly 5 back support chairs there…just stools..

Saturday came and went…with us getting stuck on the NH 17 for about 45 minutes…got nearly coooked 😀  in that bus….They are finally repairing the road…ther’s hope yet..

Saturday and Sunday also saw mw shopping for clothes and more importantly shoes…ALll the shoes that i saw were like soo costly…evrything starts above 800 ..for the good formals at least,,,.lets not talkk about the sports shoes ok!!!Some Of My new friends are quite surprised that i really like to shop[Stereo typing Guys] 😉  …Well i say who cares as long as it is for me….

But nothing got done on those days…another thing i cudnt update this blog was because as i already have emntioned that i can only use this  net on alternate days…there’shardly anytime for this….with the downloadin that i have to the new winamp…

I recommend : Cochin Bakery Milk Shakes….Thy are really thick!!!!!

ANd i finally did the shopping(well most of )i SPent nearl 200..and still counting….lets see where the final total stops at..

also got screwed at the viva for the CCP labs….since i didnt go prepared for it..Some ppl were at verge of even crying over there…Tomoro is only BE ..3 Freaking Hours of it!!!!!!

See you PPL ..sessionals next weeek …eeeekkkks

Plus VTU is really out to get us,….having postponed the opening Maths exam right next to the Horrible BE exam 😡 there goes our 5 days to study we were relying on

PS how is the songspot widget doing?????

Jumbled incoherence2

well I think You should really read this article..this is going too far!!! and also the Hubble article is still on the top posts list..seems like its hot a reply from the blogger for my trackback.

College is going on as fine as possible..ugg who am i is so saad!!! apparently Our BE sir is sick and god Knows what will happen to our Portion..6 freaking Chapters to go!!!!!

Caed is not so happy go lucky either with us having to complete our entire set of practicals in the next month!~!!!

Life is really a drag!!!  started a new topic called Jumbled Incoherence ..for all the bits and pieces i just feel like tying in like this piece.Been reading some blogs around.. and find out htat everyone has some problem or the other and im just another person in this wide world  just biding my time..more on the topic soon after some introspection