The Basic Electronics…

welll  nothing much can be typed today since i spent most of my time downloadin stuff and talking on the messenger,…

i got firefox 2.o finally ..downloaded in 20 thats fast..thanks to the 2MBps connexion..i got the greasemonkey and foxytuns addons tooo i love google notebook..lets me store webpages i more notepad for me…

the exam was like the ccp exam..nothing to talk about much..the end of the writtens 😀 Es u are next!!! i tried to write whatever i knew…i got this trailer link…but i cudn’t view them

chk this spam message

Electric toothbrush

Keep up hygiene of a mouth

🙂 🙂

i did get my practical timetable today…seems  like they are from 8:30 -11:30 on 23 ,27 and 29…early bird eh??? plus karhtik tells me that habari is going on fine..he has joined in and is trying to help around a bit in its developing…also my freind from RV is dropping by on 21st..also before that..there’s the Beach utsav…hopefully that plan goes on fine… changing from uniforms in college..and running after ES exam[ gotta download those pdf files] on saturday..One of my friend Arshi just joined orkut too…Tomorrow there’s the college Aloysius….nothing much..more spam ..and some nice stuff too i forgot while i was tping over here..i’ll try to come online again tomoro..


having trouble with themes..

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

2 thoughts on “The Basic Electronics…”

  1. Hey, me too, downloaded firefox just now, not 2.0 though. It’s much better than IE and IE7.
    And you are posting after every VTU exam…that’s nice. You can kinda come back and cherish all these moments 10 years down the line 😀

  2. he he ..:D 😀 😀
    well at 7:00 at night i just cant start studin for the next exam that what else can i do…
    but do get the ver.2.0..i got some good custom scripts to use with orkut mass scrap..nice..

    sorry i cudnt write about the ES one…soon enuf..see tomoro

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