The Five Letter Word

well we all do have our friends,dont we???  and ususally we are all in the process of making more..but come to think of it how many of our friends do we really trust????

Can a person become so close that you would share with Him/Her your deepest Secrets???

In My Opinion the answer would be NO!!! But you would involve them in Matters that concern your day to day life..,perhaps a little more….your past perhaps.Its not always a sign of trust when you are telling something to someone…There may be a compulsion to tell due to rumours flying around about you and you need to tell the people near to you the truth.

Of late ,i have come to trust most of the People in my group of Close friends and surprisingly i found that i found talking to Girls more easier !!! then when i thought about it i found thats its been the same all through my life. There have been exceptions but then they were only exceptions. Either Ways i believe that the fairer sex are more approachable in these matters of trust.[coz guys are usually Dumb with regard to such stuff] So well i asked a girl about her views on this subject and she too told me that it was easier to tell stuff to a guy then to a girl.[Also lately i’ve come in contact that the girls are quite Bitchy behind backs. Ignore this]

well i’ll get back to this later..

until then you may check out what Wikipedia says about this ..

altho i recommend that you should probably read the first para over here …its hilarious

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6 thoughts on “The Five Letter Word”

  1. Quite interesting.
    But sharing secrets with a guy…I haven’t. Probably, I haven’t been that close to anyone.
    You think guys are dumb in dealing with such stuff? Think again. Girls are equally dumb! Trust me…and about the bitching part, quite true, though I shouldn’t be saying this.
    There are some really true ones, some exceptions…I hope the person whom you are speaking about belongs to this group!

    Btw, what’s that five letter word? Girls?

  2. hmm….never really thought about this, but coming to think of it…you are in a way right…
    I for one, find that guys make better friends…

  3. Hehe Got you’ll thinkin huh?

    @ Equi the five letter word is TRUST

    @Shrutz well i read somewhere that friendship among girls is just a suspension of Hostilities(No Offence)

  4. Hey kenneth one more controversial post. I for one find both guys and girls equally trustworthy. Its all individual choice.

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