Hi, My name is Kenneth Mark Dsouza.

Born and brought up in the coastal city of Mangalore in a Roman catholic household, I pursued a career as an engineer until by a spot of luck I came across the field of design. Now with a post graduate degree from the National Institute of Design, I practice as a digital product designer with a keen interest in designing for the mobile, creating data visualizations and building products.

In my spare time, I like to travel to new places, read non-fiction and contemporary fiction, collect graphic art and write short stories and travelogues.

Want to work with me or discuss a cool project that you are working on?

Write me an email at kenneth /at/ dsouza /dot/ im
or tweet to me @kenneth

5 thoughts on “Who?”

  1. Tulu anchanda bathondu uppu atte .???…you living in mangalore and all …. its been a long time since i’ve visited my native (bantwal) man … friggin work … your blog’s nice btw !!!

  2. hey man I got a question – i tried to put a video on a blog and it did not work. then I saw your comment where you said you figured it out.

    please can you write me an email and tell me what you have done to upload a video? I would appreciate that



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