The Aloysius College day

The aloysius college day is one of the most formal programs held during the academic year.and this time i was invited to it since i had to get the roll of honour certififcate ..anyway not many people usually come due to its overtly formal theme .Most of the people come and hang out around the place but dont watch the program..well there was a one act play by Dr.Ganesh amin “NALE MATTU NANU” and the chief guest was Dr.Ramachandra rao ,an alumunus of the college who is a senior reseach associate at Mc.Gill university ,canada. well he was quoting tooo much the bible in his speech..also there were tooo many speeches from way too many guests..luckily there was Govind this time with me..the only other guy to come ..we ended up talking about college and stuff at KREC…that guy is a brain being a member of the cet top 10 and other really good ranks…i was nice to go back to college and will be back during these holidays..met some teachers…its nice when you know that they stilll remember you..well looks like aloysius is ever growing with a lot of facilities being added up…

i wud like to write about the beach utsav..but no pracs…tomoro…willl write after that…later

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

One thought on “The Aloysius College day”

  1. Roll of honour certificate and all…nice! Congragulations.
    And nice template.:)
    Yeah, at times, nostalgia sets in…

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