My 1 TB : The Kdrive Ultimate

Bought a new Hard Drive.. this is after i had horrible problems due to the C:\ (both Desktop and Laptop)  filling up really fast thanks to my fixation to vintage toons. Hence i needed to upgrade badly and thus using my money from winnings this semester i ended up buying the Western Digital Elements 1 TB Hard Drive. It cost me Rs 5100/- Yes , it does need an External Power Supply. But i need it just for permanent storage of my stuff. The Drive actually shows 931 GB free. I dont completely understand that funda. Anyway here’s to an awesome holidays!
Oh and in the Ongoing series of Drives i own, due to the mega nature of this drive i have christened it the Kdrive Ultimate 🙂

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

4 thoughts on “My 1 TB : The Kdrive Ultimate”

  1. Grats 😀
    But the power gets the sexy quotient a little less 😛
    if u want to know some geeky stuff its showing 931 Gb coz the rest is used up to store sector information blah it up 😛

  2. wow!! im very very very very very jealous of you. I have close to 160GB of movies on my systems. and there a hell lot more on dvds. (i keep a backup of all movies) Gotta buy one b4 I too run out of space..

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