Its about time i hauled up my lazy a** out here. its also about time i posted up the video. I dont really know if you would have read the really long post i had written way back in february about the 10th VTU fest. Well after so long i finally got round to editing the Rube Goldberg Contraption Video so that the people who missed coming along with us could have a look at what it really was. I know how tough it is to make people understand what it is. when you say ‘rube goldberg’ it doesnt conjure up anything in your mind. I usually end up taking Tom and Jerry for an example because thats something almost everyone is familiar with. Now how much they understand is left to my explanatory skills which usually are not too good. So i give a brief lecture reminiscing on bowling balls and ironing boards, cheese and table fans and hope something clicks in people’s heads.

Alrighty then. Presenting to you Our Entry to the Rube Goldberg Contraption event at The 10th VTU fest. We won the first place for this project and thanks to all the people who helped us make this happen. Enjoy!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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