Seventh Semester Subject Review

Back to college and first thing you realise is that classes are so Most of the subjects are theory ones and we have quite a lot of Comp. Sci. subjects too.

So here’s what i will be studying this semester.

  1. Computer Communication Networks.
  2. Digital Signal Processors- Algorithms and Architecture.
  3. Optical Fibre Communication.
  4. Power Electronics.
  5. Operating Systems.
  6. Real time systems.
  7. Power electronics Lab
  8. Vlsi Lab with Cadence.

The only interesting thing is the last one because you get to use the Solaris OS. Until i get the hang of the commands typing in it is a pain. I just had one class of it. But its worth the trouble to learn. Most of the others are just so alike that they drag you into saturation. I got sessionals in 10 days. Gotta wake up now.

Also our synopsis of the final year project has to be ready, project guide has to be chosen and basic groundwork needs to be done. In addition im planning to take part in technical events wherever possible and get some practical experience. Oh an i almost forgot that i need to organise events in college and study for CAT and GATE. With all these things i wonder would there be any free time at all. Whew!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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