The Night is still young

well here ..what do i say….i was gonna study..but cudnt put in much of it!!!! …the most intresting thing that i read today was the editorial page of the STOI …that Jug Suraiya’s Jugular Vein usually cracks me up!!!! 😀 i never knew words like,ululation , colloquy,phantasmagoric ,,…existed 🙂 the article was about caller ringtones and why do they exist…..which were chanced upon by the author Jug….

i love contemporary writing!!!!! its the best part of news paper!!!

Fiction isnt as Funny….when compared to real life!!!!

on the other hand!!! this was brought to the notice of me by my friend Karthik…just type Failure on google and click on im feeling lucky option…ull definitely find it funny!!!! 😉

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

One thought on “The Night is still young”

  1. failure – and am lucky thing existed almost a year back and it still does :-\

    for more of those silly stuff try >
    and to keep urself updated on wats new >

    and to try and NOT to laugh > go thilak’s hahaha blog 😛 link:

    PS: am the blog nanny of tech buzz, support my cause 🙂

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