Saturday is Monday ..Part 2

Well Here i am again
so sorry for the delay in what was Saturday is Monday Part 2!!….

..another day another blog!!!!!!

wELL as the title says so..i ended up sittin in the last bench,….the fredom over thr is to die for.

😦 today was a monday!!! inspite of all our efforts. we even tried to mass bunk… that was a failed attempt!!!! 2/3 rds of the class attended the class in the end since we were threatened with”dire consequences” others came back the nxt hour!!!
we wernt the only ones who had bunkd..the othr classes were equally unsuccessful!!! i think our class has set a record of sorts..alredy within a month of joinin coll ,we have tried to mass bunk twice!!! 😉

our class did get into some trouble…but i think we can get around it…..the sad thing was that some ppl who had bunked had the nerve to blame the class rep for the bunk……!!!!

if they didnt want to go …why did they go then????? they cud have stayed in class,nah…

again..i came bck by a diffrnt route..and had a lotta fun on the college bus!! TOmoros definitely a sunday….hahaha

btw i have added a new link to my favorites…thats my hi5 profile!!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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