A mini reunion

This was kinda planned way back in february when our Sapna Ma’am invited us to her wedding in May. After quite a mess of planning, I somehow ended up there at 7pm. The venue was Bendoor Church Hall. in our group Yashas had planned the meeting. but as usual a couple of people decided to stick to Indian standard time of+/- 1 hour. (-1hour is not possible as negative numbers dont exist in time, hence its actually +1 hour) and finally everyone was there at 9. the wedding reception was almost halfway through. in the spare time we reminisced about our college days, the pranks , the bunks, the jokes,etc. Ah! those were days we will never ever get back.

The Re-union happened kinda unexpectedly. we were unsure of who else might turn up other than us Third batch people. The Eight batchers turned up. mostly the Medical crowd. as both our batches were Bio ones and the Ma’am getting married was our Bio lecturer, obvious. it was nice meeting the lot. met a few of out lecturers also and in all had a great time.

The Bio department in college was a new one when we joined puc 1 and all the lecturers were young , just graduates. this was the reason why we enjoyed so much. with them being so friendly , those 2 years were amazing.

this makes it the Third Lecturer’s wedding that I have attended in as many years. 2 more to look forward too. Anup and Grishin who told us that they should happen with the next 1.5-2 years. 😀

Author: inosaint

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