Class act

back after my Net ban of one week by my Mom. so our E&C branch inaf=guration was held this wednesday and last minute it was decided that we people are going to churn out a on Tuesday morning they met( i was a bit late, came after half of it was scripted!!) ok so we got to bunk classes in an already shunted day of classes. i bunked 3 in all out of 5 !!!  had to attend labs though!!! ok so back to the skit!!! the main idea was about Indian Idol Spoof!!! with celebrity “Jodi’s” . so we all went developing it and practising all tuesday and all wednesday morning ( the programme was in the afternoon!!) so all prepared and all we were all curious on how the audience would recieve it!!!!

we went out on stage , acted out, improvized , and apparently ROCKED!!!! people liked it the most among the list of other events !!!

that felt GOOD!!!

ok so here’s the Thank you to all the people who were a part of the team !!!! i wish i will be able to work with you people soon on another act!!!


  1. The pics will be posted when i get all of them.. right now i have only the photos of the practice.
  2. there’s also a Video we are thinking of Youtubing!!!
  3. i played a small part of Aneek “Ganesh ” Reshammiya’s Shishya (student) from Saregamapa.

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