Yawn…im busy

welll yes i was really busy for the last few days .The colleges in Bangalore starting up early goodbyes had to be said and mettings arranged..i was runnning all over Mangalore on friday and saturday..it was really a good thing…the past few days were really quite eventful..i got a really early birthday present..and some more music..my guitar classes are going on pretty well, i can strum Hotel California chords now..i also watched a couple of Movies..Deja vu and Monster House..and also Ocean’s Twelve[again]and am currently reading “The Inheritance of Loss”.By Kiran Desai..hopefully i’ll write a review on that..

This week is filled with the usual ‘last week before college hectic’ mess…trying to stuff as much as possible in it..well Incident at NITK seems like a possibility..hoping to make it to the Concerts..should call up my friends over there and find out…been to a couple of get togethers of friends.. one at Amoeba on friday for a game of bowling[first timer with a score of 90 and an arm that is still aching,im adicted i guess]..and another at Nalapad residency’s kadal restaurant..and also a party at home due to my parents wedding anniversary….

The Karnataka Bandh had hardly any effect to normal life here in Mangalore…and everthing is quite fine..also ahead is the Dj thing at Bharat mall by Nikhil chinaapa and a whole host of other dj’s..i dont think i will be going for that anyway..also Pink Floyd’s Roger  Water’s is coming to Bangalore and also Iron Maiden..Rs.1200 for the lastrows at the Maiden concert i hear..people form all over India are coming for it..

Now listening to a lot of Romantic songs ..trying to get into the mood..and make a list of all time favorites..hope it comes out tomoro..listen to MLTR..

tomoro will also see my 100th post..coooool 😈

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

4 thoughts on “Yawn…im busy”

  1. Ha…that sounded busy!
    Even I watched Ocean’s 12. Ocean’s 11 also. 🙂
    No effect of bundh? Here, the day was so damn boring.
    Romantic songs? 😀

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