The VTU fest

This is how the VTU fest went round…Following the Inaguration by Yediurappa there was the culutural entertainment by Nitte students on The 8th.
On the next two days what followed is written here by me ,with parts flicked from the Newsletter since i didn’t watch all the events which had been going along at the same time .There were in all 6 stages and everyone of them were quite far away from each other .
Shambavi was the main one where the tribal dance took place,the classical dance competition also took place there and in the evenings the programms organised by management also took place there.I and my friends spent a large amount of time watching the competitions taking place at Nethravathi (Western solo,group,eastern group).The place was rocking especially on the last day which had the western group song. Word had gone around that htere was gonna be a rock show and this had attracted a lot of people from mangalore and udupi. People i know had bunked their classes and come to attend it .As a matter of fact a group of people from canara had come to support their college while almost massbunking their classes.!!!.But hey it wasn’t all good.we had to hear a lot of amateurs who really sang badly while the musicians were almost all good .Josephs sang The SUTTA song(gotta get my hands on that) obviously the censored version. which was liked by everyone for Eastern group!. On the western group day we had fun mainly singing along with the Alice song( especially the WTF part ,which was shouted by the audience!! ).
The other place we frequented was the Sambhram , thats the A/c auditorium. The One act plays were really good ones but obviously there were some crummy ones and “the Man upstairs” seemed to be a favorite repeated play by many colleges!!. We thought the Perspective play(sir M.V.I.T.) done would have got the first place but that was not to be.All the people who i knew liked the play with lovely humour and a Sholay sequence,a scene in the eyes of the drunk,and a godman’s sequence all potraying the same scene.Too good,whatever the judges say. Loved the drunk acting as thakur and trying to drink from a bottle fallen on the floor( he had no hands na). the off stage competitions had some lovely results like the painting ,poster making,collage, installation and my favorite the Cartooning .The theme was the Helmet rule and the winning entry potrayed a “small ” family on a scotter and the bystander telling another that “no thats not a helmet with legs but their baby wearing a helmet 😛 .

One of the good things to come out of this fest was the meeting of friends.I met some people who i hadn’t met ni a long time and i also met a certain someone who i had met online due to mistaken identity ,( too many people with my name around you see ).Then Guys from Aloysius ,Kmc,Josephs and Canara were an added touch to this. thats how it ended ,and truly exhausted us all .Come Monday and we will all be back to our desks slaving and sleeping .and OMG the lab sessionals are coming up. also i have to break my head over CAED now. 😦

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