raining cats and dogs!!

literally its raining down here in mangalore[ or should i say mangalooru 😉 ] the current was gone too luckily it came back so that i could work on my blog..been writing up new stuff for the two other pages which are goona come up soon.. check out the conditions of the storm at mangalore all due to the cyclone off the coast of kerala.. the second sessionals were really good when i look back and am relaxing for the next month or so that is till the next one comes along..

in other news what makes me sick is the fact that apparetly we are gonna have classes even during the vtu fest…!!!! 😡 😦 now thats too bad..who the hell wants to sit in the class??? hopefully our Class reps come up with a diplomatic situation or there will always be an alternative though up by us at the last minute.seeing as our spell of good luck is going strong and granting us a lot of free periods on demand.[we are the envy of other classes hehe] anyway its late today and im going to sleep good nite 😮 yawn

been listening to Death cab for cutie ‘s soul meets body.

here’s something for  orkut lovers

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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