Sampath -The Printer Of Malgudi

well all of us have definitely heard about R.K.Narayan and his books especially the Malgudi days!!! It tells us of a small town called Malgudi and the events concerning the people who live there…There are many books written Him and i have only recently started reading them….The Book Here i am talking about is “Mr.Sampath -The Printer Of Malgudi.”..It is a overgrown , short story in my opinion.Quite different from the novels that i ususally read.Apparently Narayan felt that a good novel should have only about 5000 words and shouldn’t drag into 1000’s of Pages….

I quite enjoyed it as it was my first rk.narayan story who celebrated his centenary birthday last october…
Here are some of the things that i liked in it..
the District Judges speech during the Inauguration of the Sunrise Pictures ..first condeming the Use of Mythology related movies in order to get money out of movies and then hastily changing his stand when he comes to know that the Picture company is actually producing a Mythology movie…”The Burning Of Kama”..Also the Novel is centered around Srinivas the Writer even though the Title says Sampath the printer of malgudi

Srinivas is a typical hardworking guy who starts a newspaper weekly”The Banner” in Malgudi and tries to criticize the Local Municipality as well as the affairs of the world.He is busy throughou tthe week with its production “Can’t Afford to Leave it Now!”and Sampath is his printer who agrres to print the Paper for no extra cost and also stops his usual work of printing for other people which in the end drives him into bankruptcy..Sampath Comes across to us as a happy go lucky family man who in hte passage of the book toys with the idea of Polygamy.The Climax rampage scene at the Sunrise Picture company is one of the funniest that i’ve read in a long time..In The beginning ,The Writer and Sampath are always trying to keep up withthe demands of the clamouring Public..In rare moments of relaxation ,Srinivas occupies himself pursuing the futility of human existence while sampath good naturedly shouldrs all the finacial burden until due to the financial burden they are forced to close the Printing Press.
In Order to get it back .,Sampath becomes in a Movie production company’Sunrise Productions’ and hopes to make some money.He ropes in Srinivas into this caper to write the first film’s “the Burning Of Kama” Script.The Glamorous Life eventually goes to the head of the printer and chaos soon ensues.
All the characters make good reading and Mr. Narayan has made a Very good job of giving everyone his very own part in the novel.At times the novel is amusing ,unfailingly persiacious.,of great distinction and charm and showing an insight into the south indian homes to the foreign readers ..
Incidently narayan’s Book’s were first published in England Because it was the great writer Graham Greene  who discovered Narayan and who remained a big fan and often the first reader of his manuscripts.
Thanks to all my sources..

2 thoughts on “Sampath -The Printer Of Malgudi”

  1. omg, i love how u put it… the awesomest character in the whole book has to be the printer himself… his obsession with that actress… that whole last bit was such a fitting end to the book…
    i love when i know other ppl that like the same books that i do

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