Russian Doll: After thoughts

‘Russian Doll’ lingered on in my mind well after the show ended.

The universe conspires to bring together two individuals who need each other. Nadia, the arguably self-destructive 36 yr old, is made to question the ghosts buried in her past while Alan, suffering from OCD, needs to face the fact that you can’t control everything.

..we are very unreliable narrators of our own stories.”

The eccentric and eerie music soundtrack suits well with what the characters are going through.

At the end of the show, you are left with the question as to why did this happen to Nadia and Alan and will there be a second season.

Bad Day?

Yesterday qualifies as a bad day. Was a Monday. Did nothing in office. Planned for a Movie. Theater cancels movie due to low interest. We wait a long time for some means of transport. Caught a share auto back. Thought we might have Dinner at least at Nala’s Appakadai. Starts raining when we try to catch a bus. Rains Heavily. Me and Amogh reach our stop. Still raining heavily. Walked in the rain for the 1km. Totally drenched. No Power at home. Had Coffee. Made Spanish Omlette in the dark, Power came back. Fried pakodas 😉 went and slept after more powercuts. Well Not a Bad day really.

P.S. Wrote this on a Friend’s wall and felt like posting it here.

P.P.S. Also after coming back i noticed that a friend of mine had texted me ‘Have a Good Day’ on my Bangalore Number out of the blue.