paper mess

well into the semester exams and nearing the end of them all.

the VTU has recently been in the news a lot!! some what a celebrity status these exams have got now. a series of events happened which were responsible were 1) students in Bangalore reporting that the NA(network analysis) paper was impossible.. err..tough. Read more. the funniest thing is that i answered that same paper and hardly anyone in college found it that tough. i actually think i did better in it than in EC( where ive screwed up minimum 30 marks for sure) and then it get reported in the news the next day with parents too pleading that let the correction be lenient. weird. well only time will tell my marks 🙂

Then there were the two “paper leaks”-seventh semester’s “Heat and Mass Transfer” question paper on Thursday, and “Mechanical Vibrations” paper for sixth semester (repeaters) on Friday. Sadly now their exams have been postponed further up to 16th or 18th. so fewer holidays.

Latest news is that ” fresh papers are been printed for all the remaining exams.”

Thats the mess. hopefully the “new” papers are easy ones 🙂 *fingers crossed* Right now i Got to Study “Field theory” on 8th, which is considered a deadly exam with a real bad track record. and then Holidays!!!