Vig’s tag:

  1. i Believe in the Equilibrium of my Desk.
  2. i Love Looking at the Clouds.
  3. i Hate Snobs.
  4. i Encourage Dreams.
  5. i Look forward to shopping.
  6. i Need people who listen.
  7. i Collect junk. Do contribute.

Wew! this tag has a hangover of the previous one.


D!’s tag.

I am : ME.
I think : a LOT.
I know : reality sucks.
I want : a lot of money.
I have : a huge chocolate stash as of now( D! u arent the only one 🙂 )
I wish : for things to turn out right or sort out.
I hate : Studies and exams.
I miss : people.
I fear : butterflies and moths. I hear : music, yellings and lectures.
I smell sniff : kerosene.
I crave : a distraction. I search : on Google. I wonder : about Modern physics.
I regret : my mistakes.
I love : my entourage.
I ache : when people i love hurt me.
I was not : stupid.
I am not : a cricket lover.
I cry : rarely.
I believe : that god exists, death is inevitable and religion sucks ass.
I dance wanna dance : everyday.
I sing : bass. Not too good though.
I read : whatever you throw at me.
I don’t always : annoy people.
I fight : rarely.
I write : my thoughts.
I win : quizzes occasionally.
I lose : my stuff at home. Damn cleanliness.
I never : get to go on unofficial trips.
I always : whine.
I confuse : people 😀 I listen : to Hard rock and the Classical music! Go Beethoveen.
I can usually be found : sleeping, texting, eating ya chatting.
I am scared : that things will end.
I need : to feel cared for.
I am happy : when i forget my worries.

My Fix

Adi’s tag.

  1. People. Ones to whom i get attached to.
  2. Food. I spend a good chunk of my everyday cash on it without putting on any weight.
  3. Internet. Need to get de-addicted.
  4. Procrastinating.
  5. Music.

These are my more general addictions. Others include: Comics, books, texting, pillows, daydreaming, shopping,…etc.

Location missing.

Adi’s Tag:

recently i had written a blog post about how i dont remember much. so here goes.

My oldest memory:

Someone else told me about this recently. I had the part of a Policeman in one of those skits or something when i was little; with the stick and other inspector garb. My faux-paus? i salute with the wrong hand 🙂 i dont remember it but glad that people do that job for me.

Ten Years Ago:

Mom Expired. Was too young to react.

My first thought this morning:

Holiday. Are the smses charged? and after reading a sms prior to waking up: “Telugu and Tamil celebs??”

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain?

i already have a bunch of them, my blog including. There’s my cupboard of junk.

This year 14 years from now:

i have no aim so i dunno. My addictions will stay and perhaps i ll write a book 😀