lot of exams

yes.. there’s been CS, SS and finally HDL today. CS was ok-Nyquist saved me. SS , too easy. for the first time in engineering i actually wrote all 8 Qs !!! guess it will also be the last one. HDL was Boring. just filled with bad theory Qs asking examples every single place and how to program Adders in vhdl and verilog. half adder, full adder , full adder using half adder.. Sheesh! i wanted to just go to sleep there. The weather was almost right for that too.

Today was the All India Bandh called by the BJP to protest against the Amarnath shrine land controversy. It had mixed response i guess. Mangalore stayed pretty closed down since its under the BJP government. Bangalore didnt have too many problems. Infosys stayed close today i heard. The worst thing was the part that we had Exams today. The morning saw all 2nd year engineering students trying to catch their respective college buses as there were no private buses running. after exams at 12:30 we had a special bus trip back to mangalore. About 100 of us crammed in there somehow for the nearly 2 hour journey back. Its fun when your around friends, on a empty stomach as you skipped lunch to cram urself into the middle, trying to get a decent footing or perhaps even hanging on for dear life in some cases 😀