A New use for Twitter

Twitter, the nano blogging service started in 2006-2007, has ever since then been in the news; maybe for its pros and cons. Its emerged as a more speedier of finding out about the latest events going on as tweeters the world over addictively tweet their thoughts on their profiles.
I was introduced to Twitter by Karthik , who had joined the service and I got hooked slowly. With the huge amount of applications available to make tweeting easier soon after its release , Twitter turned into a global phenomenon. There were other twitter imitators of which hardly any have actually enjoyed the fame and usage that twitter has. The usage was so high that some months back twitter servers were constantly down and this made a lot of people try alternatives but as soon as twitter was back to normal the people were back.
The reason that am writing the post is because recently I came across the new use of twitter, that is it along with twitpic acts as an efficient quiz blog. Take Tquizzer for example. Its tweets a question a day or so and then it tweets the answer the next day. Answers will be received via DM or direct messages. It prevents other users from checking out about the answers already submitted by other users. A normal quiz blog had this problem that unless the blog comments are withheld for moderation, the comments with the answer will be displayed at the bottom of every post thus perhaps helping others answer. Not that it would be some great sin to do so. But still it spoils all the fun and prevents us from knowing who the real geniuses are. So I welcome this new use of Twitter and am sure it will succeed and we will get to see more such profiles. Cracking the questions will still be tough unless you got the right search engines and a good brain on your side šŸ˜€

update: just came to know that Tquizzer was started by an online friend Manoj šŸ˜€


Yeah thats a service that lets you twitter addicts in India to update your online twitter status from sms. It uses a normal 10 digit non-premium number and so you can just send an sms to it as explained in the simple how-to here.

i tried it out and found that the msgs were going through at the local sms rate(1 paisa for me).. am not sure that all of them will be recieved because i couldnt find one of my early morning twitter msg but overall its a better option to chronicle all the crazy things that i do instantaneously šŸ™‚

follow me here.

Happy twittering šŸ™‚

Social wars.

well a couple of days back , Orkut launched the application facility. Perhaps this much awaited move was a play to attract back a lot of people who seem to be quitting Orkut for Facebook. i know quite a lot of them who have already done this and some more are mulling abut deleting their Orkut account. I on the other hand am existent on both the networks for the apparent purpose that is networking. for a good bunch of my internet challenged friends, Orkut is the only link that they have to the world wide web. hence the need to retain my account.

one thing Orkut has done is that you dont need to invite more people to join apps u add- a fact that Facebook apps keep poking you with. Everytime you add a new app it asks you to invite a certain number of friends which effectively drains all the enthusiasm that you had. also it would be a nightmare going through the list of 400 odd people. Deleting apps is also easier in Orkut. just go to manage and delete them. The only problem will be that many people will ad all types of apps possible thus slowing down Orkut-the servers are busy missing their donuts. which is why iĀ  have actually decided to clean out my Facebook profile of most of the apps and just keep the basic one up. Coming Soon.

One more thing that i wanted to write about is that there are some pretty crazy things going on out there in the networking /adworld. Advertising of other social networks like Bigadda and Ibibo appears on Orkut and Facebook. some type of ambush marketing?

Also highly irritating is the invite spam that you get when one of your friend joins up with some network or other. you can only get rid of them by signing up for the respective network or putting up a spam filter for those mails.Lucky for me most of those invites are directed to my old nowadays dormant Rediff account.

The war continues…..