Water Tragedy.

Ignore the Pun. It wasnt a funny thing. a schoolbus fell into the overflowing Phalguni river near kaikamba. This is the road that i have often passed on the way back home via moodbidri. Most people had the misconception that the old bridge from british times was near what the accident happened. well it was not. the accident actually didnt take place on the main road but on a side road that you can barely see from the bridge. That evening when we passed by we saw the crowd far away. the side road starts at a dwara around 200 mtrs from the bridge on the mangalore side. The river which had swollen way too much due to the torrential rains hitting the state. The nearby fields and other area had all been taken in by the River. The river which is so thin during summer was now atleast 10 times the size. it is understandable that the driver couldnt see the road from the river. it was raining too. and there’s no barrier differentiating the river and the road.

what really makes you retch is the fact that there is hardly any development in that area. The british built bridge is still standing. it doesnt allow 2 buses to pass each other simulataneously. politicians come and go. politicians havnt improved the side roads but they sure jumped at the idea of arriving at the venue of the accident and being “concerned”. no one knows how many were actually travelling in the bus on a day when other buses had a strike. we passed by some houses of bereaved families. police vans were dispatched there. i saw 3. On the eve of our Independence day.. indeed this is the true story.

as we climbed higher into the mountains I saw how the rain had caused havoc….

Happy Independence day!

A breakdown and other things.

a couple of days ago the Karnataka Government was formed and we got to see a couple of victory processions on or way home on the NH via Moodbidri, from both the main national parties. Sadly they both blocked our way back and our progress was slow indeed. this was worsened when the bus broke down a couple of kilometers outside Moodbidri. and it was looking like it would rain anytime soon. after having lost my brand new umbrella a couple of days back, it didnt make me feel so haappy.

Eventually the party procession caught up with us. One of the Guys suggested that we join in the procession and get a lift in the bargain and he even coined a slogan : “kai ki jai” 😀 well we waited on the side of the road and got some laddoos in the bargain. weirdest thing we heard is the police escort asking us to move the stalled bus to the nonexistent side 😛 what do they think we are some kind of supermen to lift the bus or something?

The mechanic was finally called and after sometime we were on our way. we passed beside the procession and continued our madness. one of the guys ran and got a party shawl. actually everyone was looking out for some more laddoos as it was late and we were pretty hungry.

all in all it was a nice experience.