the windows 7 launch party was organised by karthik in college and it went on pretty well. earlier in the afternoon i had laughed at raison and the others that you wont win any of the prizes and that was kinda was happened. karthik did not want to appear biased towards his friends and didnt allow us to win any 😦

anyway things got sorted out eventually and i guess things are back to normal. except for the fact of raison mentioning mental stress today at Engineer 😀

Highschool Memories

I will go down with this ship
And I won’t put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door                                                                                   I’m in love and always will be

-‘White Flag‘, Dido.

This song is a favorite of many i know. To me too its special because it brings back to me those crazy highschool memories-of what happened in 10th standard, around the song-everytime i hear it. Even now i cant help smiling or even laughing at the old memories involving certain 3 friends 😀 i used to laugh at it then and i still do now. i remember laughing for 3 days whenever i saw that guy in school.

Cheers to the good old days! 😀

preparation head on

yesterday me, Syn and Raison ended up going to Engineer 2008 at Nitk- the engineering fest. Karthik sadly cudnt make it. unexpected last minute change of plans. Since it was the last day, we didnt get to see very much of anything. we reached there at 4 something and sat in for the Apple demo by a senior guy from Ample tech., their leading indian partner. then we didnt have anything much to do after that since either all the good events were in the morning or at night. but it wasnt all that bad. i met a lot of my old friends who i havnt met in almost a year!! chatted with most who were there. checked out the canteen and found out that the same guy who owns our college’s one owns this one too !!! Arun (a nitk friend) took part in the Architect competition ( build strong structures with ice candy sticks and fevicol). he came third. overall Engineer had a lot of innovative competitions and workshops. sad i missed it 😦

but wait thats not all…. next up is Nitk’s Incident’08 and Yes, i am going to take part in it. so now the preparation begins … i dont want to make a fool of myself na 🙂 it may also mean bunking about 4 days of classes 🙂 the fest is from 27th Feb -3rd march.

wish me luck.. taking part in quizzes and word games…