A shock of lightening

The new single “A shock of Lightening” from Oasis is out on radio. i got to hear it. The way its sung is pretty much oasis trademark. The music is a bit different though from the earlier albums but its nice, refreshing overall. Lets see how the album is like. Also waiting for the much awaited ‘Brisingr’-third book in the inheritance trilogy, to be released this month.

Thirsting for an Oasis

i just found out that Oasis will be releasing their new album this year.

‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ new single out September 29th

‘Dig Out Your Soul’ new album out October 6th

this was announced on june 24th, yesterday. i got about 4 of their albums and hope to get the rest soon especially the Mtv Unplugged one. i watched it today on Vh1 and loved how the Orchestra substituted for the electric guitar 🙂 wanna listen to it properly again.

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