Four Year Mile

It was 4 years ago, blogs had just captured the attention of newspapers and the offline world. I had joined Engineering. I had started writing about 2 years ago when i decided to test if i had inherited it from my genes. What started off with autobiographical writings and dark poems eventually culminated in this blog Aninosaintlife, which after second opinions resulted in the version you now see before you. Eventually i broached out to this, largely kept hidden until recently, where i blogged as Insomniac. ‘An Inosaint Life’ gave way to ‘An Innocent Life’ and in somewhere in 3rd year of engineering ‘Life is not all Ha-ha hee-hee’ was replaced by the newer namesake’s name. ‘Mad Hunter Skozaken‘.

The Blog and the online world taught me a lot i should say. In addition to finding some awesome people online, it made me develop my writing style. This has changed from an ‘everyday blog’ to a more My Article Blog.The Old Gang of bloggers is almost all gone. I myself disappeared for long stretches in the past two years when offline life kept me pretty preoccupied. When i did eventually come back, the blogosphere was changed. I really didnt feel the need to ‘publicize’ my blog. I still maintain contact with some of the ‘Old Gang’ but thats pretty much it. Nowadays i just follow some of my friends blogs (who arent very regular when it comes to updating).

In these 4 years, I have started and blogged at more than 7 blogs writing around 350+ posts in all. The Mind Clutter Blogger blog, A Quiz Blog survived and is now on, a Posterous and finally, in July Absolutely Filmy! came into being. I also re-wrote my ‘About‘ Page and created a ‘Downloads‘ page. Thats been my journey so far.
I really feel Blogging/Writing is my Chicken Soup for the Soul. I dont care if people dont read what i write. I know this gives me a way to archive my thoughts. Some day when i am old and worn, counting that the interweb survives, i would look back to the decades of history i intend to chronicle here. I write happy thoughts here. There s a lot left unsaid ; why should i reveal my emotions to all and sundry? Humans are fickle minded creatures. But thats another blog post in itself.

For People who visit/read, Thank You.
For Friends who support, Thank You.

Reloaded: Thoughts about the Big Guy

If there were no God, it would be necessary to invent him.

And Thats we did.

During Half time of the Gremany vs Spain Semi-final match i was channel surfing. As a flicked through the seemingly boring list of late night programs i came across God Tv and normally it has those televangelists but what i saw was Physics. Am Serious. There was a lecture going on about Multidimensional Physics. So i decided to watch and learnt a lot.

Also thanks to @__djd__ to pointing me to those lovely youtube animations which explain everything in more detail.

So now my idea of God has been modified a bit. My re-think had been influenced by my Physics Proffesor and Physics clearly gave more proof to what he had said.

Therefore God has to be a 5+ dimensional entity. We cant comprehend his existence because we cant simply imagine that much. Also my views described here are still intact.

P.S. No actual sacred icons were hurt in the production of this message

Origins: Me and My Watch

@Praahas always bugs me about why i stopped wearing a watch. Mebbe this post would shed some light on this habit of mine.

Long back [September 23 2006] , We found this website while surfing at College and it was a hilarious one. It predicted our death.

So here is what had happened. Earlier Post.

Anyone Seeing the analysis would understand that it would be the most beneficial for me to keep away from my watch so as to prolong my life in this world.

All i have to do now is this year [22] not get addicted to heroine 😛
Then next Year i ll start Wearing my ‘Watch Only Sometimes’ because there’s no way i want to end up dying fighting in Spain.
finally at Age 25, i’ll start wearing Watches regularly.
Awesome Masterplan, no?

Thus the Story behind me not wearing a watch is revealed.

P.S. Alternative Version: Or you can believe that am too lazy to go and change the broken strap of my watch.

Shaastra: Part 1

Mario’s sister s wedding was on Sunday. I didn’t go to Elias s house that night. Dad would not give me the permission anyways but that night me, raison and rajat did gang up and ask his permission to stay at elias s house the next night. With the permission got, i spent most of the day at home packing and then went over to raison s house. We started work on the contraptions that night and worked well into the morn. Last thing i remember is falling asleep at around 5. Waking up , i found rajat and pc had already left to college. Ashank, me and elias were left to do some work. At around 12 ashank went home to pack. I reached home much later at around 2:30 due to traffic. After this i had to pack and email a write up to the shaastra hospi ppl. Due to all this i was still at home at 3:30. The train left at 4:00. Now began the panic and also the last minute junk. Finally at 3:40 i left for the station in a rick and was so tensed about getting there in time. After some tense moments and a ‘run’ for it, i finally reached the compartment. The ‘run’ involved that i race carrying my heavy suitcase across platforms and across an overbridge racing against time. I was so damn exhausted by the end of it and it took me some time to settle down. In the course of time i forgot notify people that i’m leaving and also couldn’t return calls that i had missed taking or unknowingly picked up. Plus there was the paranoia of roaming charges, this was the first time i was using my cell out of the state.

The train journey wasn’t eventful. We spent most of our time adjusting to the seats, taking lessons in photography and doing nothing in particular. We were a bit spread out in the train. The bulk of us were in the same compartment while 4 of the others were about 5-6 compartments away. People shuffled between these two places. Food was eaten and my first forays into roaming calls started when my cell msgs were not going out. I think we slept around 11 after the sleeping system had been agreed upon., for eg. Who sleeps where and all that. Morning saw me getting up groggy at around 7 and not finding any tea on the train. Now i need tea to start the day, call it my poison.

Even after alighting down from the train i couldn’t find any tea. Avoiding porters and also thinking about our travel plans we made our way carrying our heavy luggage to the main entrance.

Finally with the help of the tamil speaking and understanding minority among us we were able to get a matador to drop us to the IIT campus spending about 1300 i guess. Karthik used to stay nearby when he was in Chennai and that helped us get familiar with the place and also to move about.

Seeing spotted deer was a pleasant surprise. In the IIT campus, wildlife lived in harmony with the interfering humans and even though the campus was within a national park we could see deer munching on accumulated garbage. One problem we faced was again transporting our luggage from the gate to the hostels which were quite far away from the IN gate. But with 19 of us that was not a problem for long. We invaded the next bus and got most of our stuff in it. We reached the hostels by 11 i guess. People went to eat and karthik went to wait in line for our hospi regs. That was one long reg line! Finally at around 2 i think we got our rooms. Until then you could have found us languishing in the hot sun outside Mahanadi with our luggage. We also met certain people we knew, from earlier fests or colleges.

We were allotted rooms in Mahanadi 548-551, the hostel which was serviced luckily by elevators of the monolingual and the bilingual kind. But surprise! The rooms were small, and by small we mean a one person only room and they expected 4 of us to fit in one. Me, raison and karthik decided to take the last room 551 which we had to share with an IIT kharagpur 3rd year student, shrey goyal, who had come to take part in The Symposium. We adjusted to him being in the room and he told me that this is one of the better boarding facilities provided at IITs during fests and we remembered how we had been treated at the VTU fest earlier and missed the comfort already. Comparison was inevitable when you have come across something which is superior indeed. We rushed to eat lunch and then came Back to adjust to the room. No mattresses or anything yet and we still had to start work on lot of our projects. Some slept and others went exploring. We sent people to get equipments and resources and other things. Everyone would be occupied for the next 3 days  to the max.


To be continued…