10 steps on how to Pass your 6th sem EC exam.

Step 1: Get the Syllabus.

Step 2: Get all the books prescribed in the syllabus, nevermind the form(solid, electronic) in which you get them.

Step 3: Sit in the first bench and try to make (little) sense atleast in every class.

Step 4: Aim to study 7 units per subject.

Step 5: Have a look at what the seniors studied.

Step 6: Study the seniors portion if possible.

Step 7: Study units which you are most clueless about. Trick here is if you cant make much sense of it neither can the paper setters. The Questions are almost always direct or repetitive.

Step 8: Read old solved Question papers.

Step 9: Pray that the above 8 steps are enough.

Step 10: Sleep a lot less during the 2 weeks of exam and dont panic on the last day.

p.s. if  you followed the above 10 steps and are still not confident of getting a distinction. well Congrats! You’re a student of VTU!

Betting on ye old ways

People say that you need to try out everything at least once in life. Every experience teaches you something; may it be good or bad. With the second edition of the IPL, the craze of betting hit the class. These were low level bets made just for the fun of it, with the collected ‘pot’ funding a party eventually. There are 2 such clubs in class betting below 5 bucks per match thus making it quite affordable. Nope i didnt take part in it coz as it is i dont watch much cricket anyway and didnt want to be sucked into the chaos. Some of the guys however do foray into betting slightly bigger amounts and luck may court them at times but at the time of writing this post they are undergoing a loss. But its fun to observe this and yes its an en”rich”ing experience, provided its doesnt turn you into an addict and ruin your life.

Trying to Bell Something.

Well its no secret but i did join CAT classes at TIME last Sunday. Me and Raison(thank god i have company) decided to start taking our future plans seriously. Although an MBA is not what i have in mind maybe it may fit in with the great plan ahead. There’s this group of my friends who are gonna write all this higher studies exams within the next year. Placements have kinda dried up and everyone’s looking for an escape hatch. Its gonna be tough for our batch of people but we are the ones who are the most active in college so i think we can really get outta this quite okay. Survival they say is only of the fittest 😉

We also got permission to start a Quiz Club in College, a first. There are no clubs in College but we hope to make that change starting with the Quiz club 🙂

The Aisiri experience

The Aisiri Experience:

Aisiri, the 10th VTU fest in its as yet grandest avatar was held during the 15-21st of February at SBMJCE , Bangalore. Our College was one of the 93 colleges that took part. Our 46 member team was all geared up for what was to be our best VTU fest ever. We already had the feeling that this was perhaps our best chance to win a championship place and we were all ready to do our part and contribute to the team. Here’s a short summary of all the days and events that took place during that week.

Day -1: yeah we call this Day -1 because we were leaving for the fest a day early as we were required to report before 8pm the next day and we didn’t want to take any chances. Most of the 46 participants were going to stay for the whole week ahead while some others had decided to join us later. The Buses left College that Friday the 13th but there weren’t any accidents or any other mishaps perhaps due to the prayers offered by Guru before we left. The night in the bus was a party with antakshari played until slowly everyone started to sleep. However couple of other friends and I was awake when we went through the Ghats and were treated to an awesome sight of a moonlight night and the clear sky.

Day 0: We reached Bangalore and were the first college on the campus of SBMJCE at around 7 in the morning. Breakfast was provided to us around 9 but then things were delayed. There was some delay regarding the registration and accommodation and we were stuck in a seminar hall till almost 4 in the evening. Tired and exhausted we hauled our luggages to our allotted hostel. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we were all very happy with the accommodation provided. Day 0 thus ended with us having Dinner at the huge dining hall set up opposite the HUGE main stage. The excitement was building up!

Day 1: The events started off today. First up was the Reporting and Photography, a newly introduced event which was all about covering the events of the entire fest. The harmonic Folk orchestra was one of the main events for our team that day. Creative writing and Clay modelling took place simultaneously that afternoon while Shadow play was later at around 4. We got a standing ovation for Shadow play-the evolution of man. Most of the facilities and the venues totally blew us away! They had state of the art theatres and music systems. What even surprised us was the college hangout- Munchies which was air-conditioned, had flat screen TV’s and wait for it…. the food was affordable and yummy!! Throughout the week we hogged a lot at the place. Even now if you ask any of my team mates about Munchies, they will wax eloquent. The other major catch phrase that we had was ‘Falun Dafa is good’. Falun Dafa was one of the stalls which were setup up at the technical exhibitions and you will still hear the vtu fest people speaking it in college. ISRO, TUV Rheinland and many more companies also had stalls. Layatharanga was the Fusion band which played as part of the evening entertainment for the Fest. I missed it but I heard good reviews about it.

Day 2: Rube Goldberg Contraption*, my main event for the day was to be held at 9 in the morning. After having slept late that last night preparing for it, we somehow managed to pull ourselves together. Skipping breakfast, Elias, Ashank and I made it to the venue and set up the contraption in the given time frame. After our first 2 chances to have a flawless execution failed we were all tensed. Most of the team members were present praying for the successful working during the third and final chance. And lo and behold! It worked with only 2 errors!! Everyone celebrated. It was truly glorious! Classical dance was another main event for us. Anupama took part and wowed the judges. Cartooning had the team Navrasa and Ranjeeth’s version was amazing! Raison and Karthik got through the prelims of Buccaneers- a management event easily. Shrikiran our mimic took part in the Mimicry competition and Semi classical vocal had Ramdas taking part. Debates were the other event that our college took part on that day. Stem dance and Kalaripayattu was that evening’s program which i missed again but I watched a bit of the fashion show event that took place later that night.

Day 3: Our dance troupe performed a tribal dance with the ‘jingo baba’ prop for Folk and tribal Dance, Tabla maestro Narasimha took part in Classical instrumental percussion while Varun sang for western vocal solo. Elias took to the floor with his poster paints to present a very graffiti version of rangoli. Our main grievances were that the western vocal venue had echoes and the rangoli venue was on the open air balcony. Post western vocal solo, there was also an informal jamming session by all the participants. At the same time the JAM prelims were taking place but Rajat missed making it to the semis and beyond. Synaps headlined for Pentagram that night. The team had the most fun that night. We danced and danced to rock music. Everyone was exhausted by the end of it.

Day 4: We presented our one act play at the first slot. This is the first time that we had written an original script and had worked quite hard on it. Things however went better than plan even though we had some minor glitches. The first round of Group dance was held at the colossal Colloseum, on the spot Painting was where Ranjeeth was at work while at M-adventure Naman, Pramod and Ashank presented their political campaign. Group song Indian was where our Singers were at. Our orator Nikhil took part in Elocution. That night there were last minute additions made to our Launch Pad entry but before that, that night was the night when the ‘awesome foursome’ were performing. Siva mani, Balabhaskara 😉 , Keith Peters and Giridhar Udupa enthralled the audience with their music which stuck as impromptu but just brilliant especially Balabhaskar with his violin and their finale-their version of Hotel California.

Day 5: The dance troupe had to present the second dance which was a themed dance on AIDS prevention. The Launch pad event didn’t go too well. Quiz and Programming prelims were both uneventful, Installation kept me busy during the afternoon. Ramdas took part in the Light vocal Indian solo. Elias’s Collage entry also turned out pretty well. Kishore and group’s patriotic themed skit on Bhagat Singh was a hit. The Federation of International Students Association had a dance performance highlighting the various international dances. One of the We played Dumb charades with some of our newly made friends of SBMJCE till quite late that night. Fests after all are to promote camaraderie and healthy competition between colleges.

Day 6: Chaithra’s Creative Dance, Group song western and Mime had us running around to the different venues to cheer the respective teams. Nanditha’s classical vocal and Ranjeeth’s Poster making, Poetry recitation and Dumb charades all took place during the morning. The Evening’s program by Raghu Dixit project wasn’t as good as the other concerts. There were some sound system problems which kinda spoiled the mood every now and then. After dinner we left for our rooms. Somewhere around 12 at night we come to know that the first set of results has been announced and that we have won quite a few. I run all the way from our rooms and there’s a celebration at the main stage as we verify the prizes. We lead at that point of time with MSRIT next in place.

Day 7: The Only event that was scheduled for today was the Quiz finals. Sadly we had not made it through just missing it by one qualifying point. Charu Sharma hosted this event and our team won quite a few audience prizes. Raison won a Reebok t-shirt while Vigneshwar won a Reebok cap as well as a new cellular phone from Nokia. After the finals the second set of results were announced. We were still on top of the points table and everyone was cheering away! We had nothing to do for the rest of the day as the Valedictory was scheduled for the evening. There were performances by the Kathak group Abhinava and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. The valedictory was delayed and as a result of which we, the participants lost the chance of going on stage and accepting our prizes as our ‘dhol’ and ‘taase’ played on. As the leader board was named out backwards we had our hands crossed. But sadly we came third. The host college SBMJCE took the runner’s up and MSRIT were the Winners overall. This was kinda a dampener as everything looked as if we would have got a place. Nevertheless with 11 medals, this was the best standing NMAMIT had ever got till date. All this was possible only because of the incredible teamwork that everyone showed. We had not taken part in all the events and had a smaller team than most colleges, in spite of that we were able to come out 3rd. This is definitely a great achievement which may perhaps inspire us to do better next year. This year will be the Last VTU fest for our Fourth years, who were alone responsible for 2 golds, and 3 silvers. We will miss them next year and hope that we will find someone to fit into their shoes. We also hope that this and many more events taking place all throughout the year inspire more students of NMAMIT to take part in more extracurricular activities. Here’s to the Future.

The Winners:

Golds in Shadow play, Classical Dance, Rube Goldberg contraption, On the spot painting, Skit and Poster Making.

Silvers in Western vocal solo, Cartooning, Mimicry and Creative Dance.

Bronze in M-adventure.

Anandhotsav’08 Day 2 & 3

3 and 4th were the 2 days when the fest actually took place. it was a TEQUIP sponsored one.

day 2 started out with JAM and Mad ads. i skipped fancy dress practice to watch JAM. losing my part was worth it 🙂 JAM was awesome. Rajat took part in it for the first time and won 3rd. we were part of the cheering section. me and Mario were paying attention to how the competition goes as we might take part in it next time. had a good free lunch and then hung around with nothing to do. i tried to convince the rest of the people to take part in pencil sketching with me. but no! they didnt want to. their loss. because when they saw that the topic was college campus they felt like kicking themselves 🙂 college won all 3 places. we skipped debate due to lack to preparation. college won the 3rd place. that same day morning there was an express bus strike so we had to go via moodbidri to get home . didnt stay for the flute concert by Praveen Godkhindi.

day 3 started out with quiz prelims and fancy dress. thankfully i wasnt in fancy dress cause i cant be in 2 places at once 🙂 the prelims turned out to be a technical paper. somewhat like a VTU Q paper itself -we joked. part 1 was electronics, part 2 was mechanical, part 3 was Bio-tech and part 4 was an abstract collection of books, music,etc… well hard to believe but our team(1c21-Me,Rajat and Sohan) qualified first 😛 Raison and Karthik(4c21) qualified next! they took Varad into their team since they needed a trio to take part. The Finals were in the main AC auditorium Sambhram. it was more informative to the audience and even we learned a few things. well we were only scared of the 4c21. they gave us quite a fight in the beginning. later we ended with 300. they with 250 🙂 he he he… the group dance and anthakshari finals took place also before the valedictory. we stayed back today cause nitte had won overall easily with more than 360 points in their bag. theyre was a mild wild dance, the final whoops, the jigs on stage and the trophy pics. all this and more was covered by Praahas on his Sony cam. i will try to upload it if i can. Pics may come up on Facebook soon. Rajat took the champion trophy home. while i took the Quiz winner trophy. you know they should give 3 of those da. i got 1k cash too 🙂 the bus ride home was nice with DC, karaoke and other madness.

thus the Phirkee and KRS(or SRK, for the glamour) teams have been born 🙂

Honesty pays???

one of the most argued question. do be or not to be…???? honest that is… i am usually the one for honesty .. except when its me in trouble 😀 My friends know know this and kidd me enough.

ok now this is what happened:

we’ve been having these rumours going around of an inevitable Cell raid after somewhat 10 days ago a circular was read aloud in class stating the obvious: “Raids will be conducted by a special squad of staff ” along with another one dictating that one is to stick to the mandatory dress code. ‘no t-shirts please’ and a host of other things… wish the college would provide the cash for expanding our wardrobe if they are so much worried about morality and other shit.

The notice made most of us wary. and after 2 drills in class participated by me and Ananth only. i decided its too much to give my heart an adrenaline push so often. i did have the option of keeping the cell in my friends PG, but why bother?? laziness rules!! yay! for this week for example i just got it on tuesday since the main reason we need a cell is to locate people. its too tough keeping tabs on where people are or are going.

Today morning i had an intution or something ( claims it rubbed off )  to not take the cell to college, even though i had to pass on a parcel to my neighbour. and Ta Dah! there was a raid at 10 in the morning. The HOD gave a very inspiring speech about honesty and the 3 levels of punishment. so inspiring that the other section “honestly” gave up around 16 cells. next was our turn. i was chill. didnt have anything to worry about. people who did , managed. “Honesty” had 2.5 victims. one was sure to get it back soon by ‘influence’-very indian na? and other was Aks ‘s iPod ( college slang for mp3 player, not to be mistaken for only the Apple variety) . so Technically only one cell was seized.. to be apparently given back after april 14th. Many literally “walked out” with their cells unnoticed. Thus they didnt get anything much from our class. From what i observed, the check was very minimal. i personally opened my bag and just showed them what i wanted them to see. i didnt expect senior lecturers to bend down and check my shoes.

this spoiled many people’s days ( is that grammatically correct???)

My Questions :

  1. Do you think Cells are required ?? especially when our college is around 62 kms away from home sweet home.
  2. Why are Lecturers allowed to get them then???
  3. This experience showed that Honesty doesnt pay… so what should we do ???

Last of all : Kudos to the Guy* who walked out with a cell in each leg.

*- name with held for googling purpose .