Urban Dictionary: kenneth

Urban Dictionary: kenneth.

Kenneth 880 up, 162 down love it hate it

Kenneth is a chic magnet. He is the nicest straight guy you will ever meet. He is smart and sort of nerdy, but funny and cute at the same time. And of corse, he has awesome hair. Although he can be a butt sometimes, he is still awesome.
Eg: Look at that Kenneth over there! I envy his hair and chic magnatism

Kenneth 314 up, 29 down love it hate it

One of the most amazing guy’s you could ever possibly meet… He will really turn your world around. Make you forget all the things you don’t want to remember. Make you feel as if you’re the only two in the world when you’re with him. Kenneth is a guy you can always trust, no matter what. He will always know exactly what to say to make your heart race and make it beat faster and slower at the same time 🙂 Kenneth knows how to have fun and you’ll never find yourself bored when youre around him. Pretty much you will fall in love with him the day you look into his Gorgeoussss eyes. Kenneth is a wonderful addition to anyones life and it would be wrong not to meet one because NO joke… Kenneth is the most amazing,sweet and one of the funniest guys you will ever meet 🙂

Eg: Kenneth is one heckkk of a Kenneth. 😉

Some shameless ego venting 😛

My Name is….

“…and for this topic i would recommend u to read the first prescribed textbook, Ayala. Kenneth J. Ayala….”
Heads turn towards me from all around the class. Sudhir shouts “Kenneth!” while Amruth exclaims ” Aila?!” ( if u get tat pun ).
it s not often that my name comes up in a classroom discussion.
i was ,of course, expecting this reaction when i had gone through the syllabus earlier on.
Everyone likes a good diversion.. especially when we have just come back from the holidays and confined to sleepy classrooms.

My name, being a foriegn name, doesnt appear much out of the way. it did pop up once in primary-the fourth standard- in a poem called the ‘Duck’s Ditty’ (i think) by scottish poet
Kenneth Graham. this caused a fair amount of hullabaloo in the class that i remember so much about it. Also you might have come across it in the credits of movies,..etc. especially in the credits of Tom and Jerry cartoons.
You will find there’s a Kenneth Muse in there.

All the same i like my name ; the whole of it, and ofcourse all the undue attention it brings 🙂