A shock of lightening

The new single “A shock of Lightening” from Oasis is out on radio. i got to hear it. The way its sung is pretty much oasis trademark. The music is a bit different though from the earlier albums but its nice, refreshing overall. Lets see how the album is like. Also waiting for the much awaited ‘Brisingr’-third book in the inheritance trilogy, to be released this month.

Extramental rock.

Couple of weeks back while waking up with TV i watched half of the show featuring Indian bands on NDTV goodtimes. That week they were featuring The Extramentals-a chennai band. The vocalist is incidentally Kamal Hassan’s daughter Shruthi Hassan who is about to debut on the big screen later this year. Her Myspace blog. i liked her singing. They play at some of the Top clubs in India. i couldnt find any recording here on the net.

Other than that i had heard from Prashant- a guitarist friend, who’s now in chennai that Zero is good. i havnt heard any of their music yet though. Parikrama i like, even though i heard only one song. and then there’s the usual campus rock music that u hear like sutta , xlri ki kudiyan and gand mein danda.

The Indian music scene is improving nowadays. and i mean the more original music type not covers. Thats where the new movie Rock on! comes in. it seems to me like a movie based around a rock band. i’ve listened to the music and found some real good rock in it! especially Sindbad the Sailor, Pichle saat dino mein and Zehereelay. Low decibel rock.

With campus rock Idols taking mainstage and the awareness spreading with saregama bringing out its Underground series.. i think we have much to listen to.

my dream: record a song before the end of engg. and we split up. Trying to get my hand on Aloysius outgoing band’s last jam sessions. My friend is drumming for them.

On my epitaph

When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain
Oh Gravedigger

-‘Gravedigger‘, Dave Mathews Band.

i love Dave Mathews Band. The first song i listened was ‘ Where are you going‘ on a borrowed Modern Rock Album casette. There was also the Blue Men feat Dave Mathews song which i cant recall now. Their mellow psychedelic type of music is amazing with liberal use of the various string instruments.

The Above para is something i would like to see as part of my epitaph 🙂

p.s. if you are wondering what an epitaph is.
p.s. 2. i just noticied the new look of Last.fm, i will need some time to adjust to it. but it looks good.