more manipal

Bowling on Monday and meeting old friends. Resting on Tuesday and a cancelled plan leading to a quick fix brainstorm of a solution led me to opt for the Manipal Trip on wednesday and well this way it was definitely better. I would have missed certain things if the original plan had actually gone through. This way i got the best of Both worlds 🙂

We left mangalore, me with Mario and Praahas and Raison opting in last minute, at 9 something. The day was naagara panchami and so the buses were rushed. We reached Karthik‘s place at half past 11 and left it soon after. I rode with naman on the kinetic to manipal and we got caught in the rain. After Brunch at 7bees we proceeded to check out the place again. this time i was a bit bored because its my 3rd time going on the Karthik’s guided tour. Luckily at MIT we bumped into Venisha who i had already warned that we were droping by. She actually had some class but bunked it and joined us for Lunch. Lot of catching up was done. She’s my neighbour and pretty much my only good friend who’s at MIT. After all the fun and the treat i had to head off to Udupi to meet another good friend: Equi. After some crazyiness, another treat and getting wet in the rain, again!, i had to say adieu to her and meet up with the others to go to End point. I was sure glad that i could meet her. it was some fun. for more read this. The rest of the guys had been at Karthik’s place.

It had stopped raining when we met again at Tiger Circle. At end point, it started raining and hence you will see me with an Umbrella open most of the time. Me and Praahas were getting late. next stop was at Barista’s counter at the food court. Mangalore lacks a Barista and we wanted to try out the coffee. it was nothing special and pretty much like CCD. finally we had to say bye to Karthik, Naman and Manipal and head home. i reached home at almost 9 with aching knees and apparently tired red eyes.

College starts on Friday. The trip was good 🙂

what i ate: Paneer Cheese burger, Chicken noodles and lot of side dishes, Musumbi juice, Gudbud and a Chocolate Milkshake and a Irish flavoured Capuccino.

Whew! Manipal again.

back to the same state.. the semester has ended… the internals are over…. the marks have been finalized…. study holidays await…. semester exams creep closer….

the thing that i was looking forward to was the trip to Manipal with Syn.  of course, Karthik was gonna be the guide. since he does stay there. Sindhu hadnt met Karthik so far either with the meeting getting cancelled every time. well some how we planned and put it together. we left at 10 from mangalore but the bus was a bit slow in the beginning but caught on later. the route is slightly longer then the one i take daily to college. reached at about 11:30 .. went to Karthik’s place first and then to Dollops. we got to see his new Dell pc. At Dollops, ( my second time there na) we had lunch and then went for a walk around the campus. then headed to Endpoint. last time it was really hot .. nice thing that it was cloudy this time around so we could walk around inspite of it being 2 in the afternoon. finally we headed back to the main centre to check out MIT campus. by then we were totally exhausted with all the walking ! me was very thirsty and hence had a chocolate milkshake and a ginger lime soda. i was ridiculed over my choice but well 😛

anyway the day was over. we needed to get back home to mangalore so we caught a bus and bid adieu to karthik and thats it.

Thank you to Sindhu and Karthik. it was awesome!!! am looking forward for similar things this semester holidays in January!

here’s Syn’s version of events 🙂