How to take a proper photo of a person in mid-air with a cellphone camera.

Kinda long title that one. Think its the biggest one here so far 😉 so anyway my recent idea of taking a mid-air shot with a Cellphone camera came out a winner. The Secret to it is the timing.

Requirements: a willing victim, one cellphone camera, the beach(for a soft landing), a tailor and paramedics at hand 😛

Step 1. Ask the subject to stand at a distance. preferably at the height relative to you. ( you can also use this idea to murder a particularly stupid person..hey am just saying)

Step 2. Align the Camera in the direction of the subject.

Step 3. Ask the Subject to start his run up towards you.

Step 4. Just before the subject launches upwards Click it. Applicable to Nokia Cams which are slow and will take the next frame of capture which usually frustrates me a lot.

Step 5. Step out of the way of the Subject. you dont want any “crash” landing 😉

Step 6. Voila! Its done.

Failed attempts:

Smoking Kills.

Yes. Smoking Kills. Our Health Minister Ramadoss is hell bent on Banning them and smoking. Come November 1, a whole lot of legislations come to pass. One among them is the Pics of the effects of Smoking on the packs. I dont feel that it would do much good because at best it may affect Chain smokers. The rest of them, mostly students, usually take only single cigs from shops. So poor shop keepers have to look at them 😦 Here’s a pic of Marlboro, the American Brand, with the Smoking Kills sticker on it already. Took it at the newly opened Rathna’s Wine Gate store at Balmatta. You get a run through of all the liquors which are sold there. Its AC and has got good customer service.

Violence continues

The situation worsened today. The section 144 had been imposed from sunday evening to wednesday morning. Everything looked fine in the morning. Me, Ashank and Amit waited for the bus 47 near our home. Ashank usually prefers 23 but we didnt go today morning. 47 arrives and we are on our way to college. By the time we reach Urwa. Rishitha calls up saying that 23 has been pelted stones and has been stopped. This happened at Kulshekar-Rajat’s stop. Later that morning there was a lathicharge even. We also hear that B3, another bus that takes the bajpe-kateel route hasnt arrrived yet. Our bus passes by with everything looking peaceful. At Kuloor we saw a peaceful Black flag protest. by the time we reached college we heard that some guy had been killed. Us third years cancelled our classes. i decided to wait back at college but when i called home i was told to come home pronto. i had already got a call saying to come back earlier so i decided to catch Bhrams 2 back. so there we were, about 6 form our class, who were going to mangalore. as we neared Surathkal we saw express buses with windshields broken. The buses were ont going any further than Surathkal. The conductor was furious. He said, why didnt they stop buses early morning instead of stoping them now and inconveniencing people. we waited at Surathkal for some time. Local taxis from there to only the outskirts of Mangalore were charging upwards of 350 bucks. One of our friend’d dad arranged a taxi. i got down at Kuntikan and went to my grandma’s place-about 200 mtrs away. Waited there for my dad-he was going around Mangalore. Apparently they had got an order to shut down ATMs in sensitive areas. i believe someone broke the glass at the saibeen’s atm. As i waited for Dad i watched tv9. It showed images of Policemen attacking people who were praying at Churches. People retaliated and were throwing stones at the police. Tear gas shells were dispersed.

i came home. The mangalore traffic looked normal, no local buses but. some shops were open here and there. news at tv9.

since the bjp is in power, i dont think that they would actually catch the bajrang dal activists involved. They actually gave them a clean chit after the latter had accepted that they were responsible for the attacks. They said that they had attacked only Newlife(some christian faction) churches but what they attacked were mainly catholic and other christian churches. The Adoration Monastery, Falnir was attacked yesterday. The chapel was destroyed and sacrament thrown. This is what prompted the protest reaction yesterday. It belongs to the Cloistered carmel i guess. its just a serene place where you come to pray.

There’s a whole lot of bullshit interspersed with politics going on here. Hope this doesnt turn into another Gujarat 😦 because when you are pushed against a wall things can become desperate.

To Hassan and Back again.

i never get an opportunity to go anywhere in the holidays so this time i jumped at the prospect of accompanying my Genius brother to his NTSE final interview coaching at Hassan. So i was there for the last 3 days and i just got back on Monday. Man! am i glad to be back in Mangalore. It was way to cold in Hassan. and also a tad boring since i had nothing to do all day and didnt go exploring on my own too far. Just Feluda to read. Plus the water was Hard water. What i have noticied that is most of the places apart from these coastal regions usually have hard water. i Hate it. it makes my hard all rough. i dont know how people survive with it and also with Chlorinated water.

Mangalore is home and that it will be forever 🙂