My Nitte to-do List

Its been a hectic start to the new semester at College; my seventh. The Final Year of B.E. life, the final year to realise our dreams, the final year to live life, to have fun and the final year to complete “the Things You need to DO while at Nitte”. The Newest checked item on my list is Having Bun-Palti with Cheese at Shashi’s. I had to Wait for about a year after i heard about it to actually taste it.

This list is more or less made of stuff that you need to try atleast once while at Nitte. Everyone has their own interests and their lists should reflect this. Me being a foodie and fun loving guy , my list essentially consists of these interests. They may seem mundane but sometimes you realise that you haven’t done that. Its the experience that s required.

Some of the stuff on the list that i have done are :

  1. Visit Parapady Falls.
  2. Eat Bun Palti.
  3. Take part in Fresher’s orientation.
  4. Ride in Toofan.
  5. Visit the “tribute to rock” murals at Shabari and have a bite to eat too.
  6. Eat Awesome Puri Bhaji at hut ( although i did not end up in panaji)

Well there are also some that are more like a personal achievement. Like staying real late in college, starting a club in college, being backstage, practising for events, singing in the department library, hanging out at MBA forest, watching a movie at Forever, roaming in Manipal and Karkala, studying at Sanmathi and definitely eating out at all the nearby joints and riding the College buses.

While all these things do bring up fond memories there are still quite a lot of things that i have not been able to do. A visit to Kemmanu temple, The Hanging bridge, Gomateshwara statue at Karkala, Bhoot bungalow( Rajat suggested this place) and the most awaited one undoubtedly is “the middle finger” like monolith 😀 (only 23ers will make sense of this one)

So there goes. I hope am able to complete the list and maybe add some more stuff to it while am here this way.

Of Chapsticks and Chopsticks.

The first hint that im coming back to normal..
The insanity rings the bell,
throwing away all things formal..
The cure works i can tell..

yup chapsticks and chopsticks with gay people thrown in for good measure was one of the most recent crazy conversations that i’ve had in a long time.. on sms atleast. The two of you who read my blog would have realised it 🙂
Exams coming up with dsp and lic labs on 10th and 12th. The End semesters are also scheduled from 18th-31st. On the brighter side.. i’ ll be getting the New Years!!! There’s lot left to study but the cure has been working..
Cya People.. i may be back with exam updates.

p.s. WordPress is looking kewl!

Highschool Memories

I will go down with this ship
And I won’t put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door                                                                                   I’m in love and always will be

-‘White Flag‘, Dido.

This song is a favorite of many i know. To me too its special because it brings back to me those crazy highschool memories-of what happened in 10th standard, around the song-everytime i hear it. Even now i cant help smiling or even laughing at the old memories involving certain 3 friends 😀 i used to laugh at it then and i still do now. i remember laughing for 3 days whenever i saw that guy in school.

Cheers to the good old days! 😀

Top guitar riffs, huh?

i came across this list in The Week and decided to write it as part of my music posts.

The List.

London Tech Music School which has taught some of the members of Top bands held a poll and the list was a result of it. the top 25 apparently but going through it one would find a lot of music and Bands missing while there are apparent favorites in there too.

Some of my favourites arent included like no Santana and no Eric Clapton either. Smoke on the water takes Top honours( a fave) 🙂 and Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes is the latest band/riff in( i havnt heard the original yet, only covers). Some of my faves like Sweet Child of Mine, Under the Bridge, Highway to hell are in. the list is not something that would make everyone happy.

Perhaps someday i would finally be able to play most of those songs. right now learning the second lead of Hotel California. Heyy! that isnt on the list either!!