lately things have been looking a bit messed up. lot of things happening. tension. mood off. am doing lots of last minute stuff. last week i spent most of the days -the mornings,at least-writing assignments or records in some class or the other. i’ve almost mastered the art i guess. its even more dangerous in my case as sitting in the 4 bench still makes me first bencher.

another thing is that nowadays hardly anyone is interested in attending classes. we bunked lots. mass bunked even. and nowadays people aren’t happy if there are more than 2 hours in a day. classes are sleepy and from the look of the model papers the semesters dont look so good. Labs are also spent with last minute work, coding and all. so far hardly anything’s covered and we mostly end up getting no output even if we copy something ditto from another person( ironically it would have worked for him)

Today i took the day off. Sessionals around the corner and also had to take the ration card photo with the family.  surprised to find the procedure was smooth and computerized.  the photo and the left thumb impression.  anyways lucky me missed only one hour of class 😛