Trying to Bell Something.

Well its no secret but i did join CAT classes at TIME last Sunday. Me and Raison(thank god i have company) decided to start taking our future plans seriously. Although an MBA is not what i have in mind maybe it may fit in with the great plan ahead. There’s this group of my friends who are gonna write all this higher studies exams within the next year. Placements have kinda dried up and everyone’s looking for an escape hatch. Its gonna be tough for our batch of people but we are the ones who are the most active in college so i think we can really get outta this quite okay. Survival they say is only of the fittest 😉

We also got permission to start a Quiz Club in College, a first. There are no clubs in College but we hope to make that change starting with the Quiz club 🙂

Absentee Note

Where the hell have i been? You may be asking this.. Im Really Bust right now and whenever i have a reason to blog about its like the net limit is all done with. From this month as am onto a new net plan you may see me blogging more often 🙂  Things coming up are Fests due to which i’ll be busy till March 2nd week. Cya’ll.

Information Overload

Thats what happens when you dont know what to give priority, who to reply to and in what order you do everything especially when you are online. As i usually sit on the comp to write a blog post or something.. Beep! goes the cell and i need to answer that.. the IM windows just start popping up and i get all confused on what the hell i need to do next. As i get ready to reply, The cell inbox says that my inbox is full and more smses are waiting..aahh!! thats what i wanna scream out loud!! but being me i do that in mind. and get back to the hectic life of mine. Thats the problem if you have too much of a social life.. All around blogosphere you are seeing that more and more of the old bloggers blog less frequently. Its because somewhere along the line they grew a social life. And social lives or for that reason any lives are VERY demanding. You get caught up with your studies and ur job and dont feel like penning down those thoughts when you can use that time for something better. Like entertainment like a movie or something 🙂 So thats why you see lot less of the older wiser bloggers blogging less frequently just so that they can handle the information overload. Like me for an example., i took a break in November when i stopped blogging for a while. Yeah it obviously didnt make any impact on the world, sadly.  So obviously i may be blogging less frequently because i’ve got a lot of issues to sort out and i dont exactly get the online time that the rest of you people do so Cheerio! damn! the inbox i full again :O AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

p.s. thinking about shifting my blog to What say people??

Top guitar riffs, huh?

i came across this list in The Week and decided to write it as part of my music posts.

The List.

London Tech Music School which has taught some of the members of Top bands held a poll and the list was a result of it. the top 25 apparently but going through it one would find a lot of music and Bands missing while there are apparent favorites in there too.

Some of my favourites arent included like no Santana and no Eric Clapton either. Smoke on the water takes Top honours( a fave) 🙂 and Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes is the latest band/riff in( i havnt heard the original yet, only covers). Some of my faves like Sweet Child of Mine, Under the Bridge, Highway to hell are in. the list is not something that would make everyone happy.

Perhaps someday i would finally be able to play most of those songs. right now learning the second lead of Hotel California. Heyy! that isnt on the list either!!