Origins: Me and My Watch

@Praahas always bugs me about why i stopped wearing a watch. Mebbe this post would shed some light on this habit of mine.

Long back [September 23 2006] , We found this website while surfing at College and it was a hilarious one. It predicted our death.

So here is what had happened. Earlier Post.

Anyone Seeing the analysis would understand that it would be the most beneficial for me to keep away from my watch so as to prolong my life in this world.

All i have to do now is this year [22] not get addicted to heroine 😛
Then next Year i ll start Wearing my ‘Watch Only Sometimes’ because there’s no way i want to end up dying fighting in Spain.
finally at Age 25, i’ll start wearing Watches regularly.
Awesome Masterplan, no?

Thus the Story behind me not wearing a watch is revealed.

P.S. Alternative Version: Or you can believe that am too lazy to go and change the broken strap of my watch.

Beginning of the End

Its at an end. The 6th sem and with it the third year. Things just went by so fast. Just some time back it was like the beginning of the year and no its all done. The memories remain, they fill up my Facebook albums and overflow everywhere. By far this is the most memorable semester in more ways than one. Weah , i havent been blogging about it all. So you people out here may not know all that been going on. Sorry couldnt helps it.
Where do i go next? thats the big question that remains now. What does the future hold? Placements have never been on my mind and there aren’t any to talk about anyway thanks to recession. Whats next? undecided i say. Entrances stare back at me yet again. Maybe i ll take the plunge and settle down for another 2 years of “higher” studies. Maybe thats the easy way out. Cushioning yourself to launch into the big wide world out yonder. So studies will have to start this hols. Only time will tell if they bear fruit.

Listening to Dave Mathews Band…Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King.

Exams begin on 23rd.

Betting on ye old ways

People say that you need to try out everything at least once in life. Every experience teaches you something; may it be good or bad. With the second edition of the IPL, the craze of betting hit the class. These were low level bets made just for the fun of it, with the collected ‘pot’ funding a party eventually. There are 2 such clubs in class betting below 5 bucks per match thus making it quite affordable. Nope i didnt take part in it coz as it is i dont watch much cricket anyway and didnt want to be sucked into the chaos. Some of the guys however do foray into betting slightly bigger amounts and luck may court them at times but at the time of writing this post they are undergoing a loss. But its fun to observe this and yes its an en”rich”ing experience, provided its doesnt turn you into an addict and ruin your life.