Lost in Translation

In the past few days there have been quite a few project related discussions. Most of the things are hazy and discussions are started to clear things up. But i have realized that i have started talking rubbish and jumping to conclusions without understanding the bigger picture. I should be knowing better but i am still doing this. There is so much ambiguity that its better if i dont add any more of mine.

Communication is essential. I always felt i had above average communication skills but its increasingly becoming clear that having good skills is not good enough. I fumble everyday trying to make people around me understand what i am trying to tell them.

Language is a universal problem. This Mexican colleague of mine, Marcos, mentioned about how when everyone talks in Hindi, he just sits and tries to piece together the conversation and i identified with him. Our stint at Chennai has often put us in such situations where we are just extras in a conversation/discussion. He also mentioned an incident where a friend of his who doesnt know Spanish ended up in a Spanish speaking country and faced a similar problem where everyone spoke in Spanish and he never understood anything 😀