Red earth and Pouring rain

‘Ask him why there are hypocrites in the world.’
‘Because it is hard to bear the happiness of others.’
‘When are we happy?’
‘When we desire nothing and realize that possession is only momentary, and so are forever playing.’
‘What is regret?’
‘To realise that one has spent one’s life worrying about one’s future.’
‘What is sorrow?’
‘To long for the past.’
‘What is the highest pleasure?’
‘To hear a good story.’

the above excerpt was from the book i just finished reading 4 days back: Red earth and pouring rain.
its Vikram Chandra’s first novel.
the above conversation takes place between Saira, a little girl, and Hanuman, the Monkey God.

i liked this book very much. its theme being very unique, gently mixing history with fiction, stories intertwining,
thus making for an incredible read!