Well here’s a post introducing my dear sis to this wonderful world of blogging. she blogs here and i guess some of you may have already come across her.
as it is that my blogging has diminished and she’s picking it up 🙂

p.s. Lot more people added to my blog roll. All people i know in real life 🙂

Old is.. well Old

another Photoblog post 🙂 Had a Luncheon at my Grandma’s place, Kottara Cross. The last room had the Gramaphone; records et al. It was in its case so all i could take was a pic of the instruction booklet. It brings back memories. I’ve heard it a long time back. There was also a Piano. The Church organ kind. That was sold while i was in 5th because it was falling apart due to lack of use. Yeah, i am from a musical family. Also included are pics of the Roof. This was my Playground 🙂

P.s. This is my Blog’s 2nd Birthday. Its been nice so far. Made some really good friends here and i have also evolved well. The Trilogy of Photoblog posts is the special celebration for this.

To Hassan and Back again.

i never get an opportunity to go anywhere in the holidays so this time i jumped at the prospect of accompanying my Genius brother to his NTSE final interview coaching at Hassan. So i was there for the last 3 days and i just got back on Monday. Man! am i glad to be back in Mangalore. It was way to cold in Hassan. and also a tad boring since i had nothing to do all day and didnt go exploring on my own too far. Just Feluda to read. Plus the water was Hard water. What i have noticied that is most of the places apart from these coastal regions usually have hard water. i Hate it. it makes my hard all rough. i dont know how people survive with it and also with Chlorinated water.

Mangalore is home and that it will be forever 🙂