Reloaded: How Things Changed Part 1

At the beginning, I was so different, Life was so different. Lets look at how my expenditure went on in 1st Semester .

Now Let see the situation in 8th semester:

*Rs 11 for the Rickshaw in the Morning. Cause i am always late to catch the bus at 7:00 and end up talking a rick to RTO.

I saved that because Dad started dropping me to the bus in 3rd year.

* Rs 10 for the Journey to college..thats becoz i take the college bus..5 rupees cheaper than the average express bus…10rupees cheaper if we bribe the conductor..[doesnt work now].

Still did that. It cost us 10 but i’ve heard its 15 now. Mornings were spent on bus 7/17 .

* Rs 7-9 on the mid morning break..all that listening to lectures makes us Hungry….

If there was a mid-morning snack then the spending was 25 but these werent regular in 8th semester. This was because either our class ended by 12-1 or we didnt go to class 😛

* Rs 10-20 forthe afternoon Meal/food….Whatever else we eat like ice creams and juices just add to the bill.

Now this portion got inflated to a lot bigger number partly thanks to the economy partly due to our lunches outside the campus serving non veg fare. 40 buck approximate??

* Rs 15 for the evenning Express bus Home…College bus cheaper but has its timings…Who’s gonna wait????

Who would have thought that this would change? Who’s gonna wait? Well we did. No going home early. 4th semester was the turning point. oh and it now costs 16 for express. Evenings were spent usually on bus 23 with the Rs. 10 ticket.

So if you forget the fact that we also dropped by at fast food joints on our way home in the evening i would spend a minimum of 75 on a day. Keep in mind my monthly allowance is 1500. How did i manage? My ‘fest’ income supplemented it. Pity, thats ended.

How Things changed.


Thats a Chefs Double Decker Burger, which i had a couple of days back 🙂 after the last sessionals of this semester. it contains chicken tikka, sausage, egg, cheese and the regular burger stuff. Costs 70 bucks. but definitely money well spent.

yes i had it all on my own 😀

Anandhotsav’08 day1

well thats the name of the college fest which kicked of today with the traditional day celebrations along with fashion show and an eastern Band show also. dont know how it was though we werent there. we were busy with other stuff like attending our friend Rashmi’s sis s wedding reception in Mangalore. Later we hung out at Cherry Square for a while sipping Juices and shakes before going home 🙂

at Cherry Square

The day worked out well except for the fact that 5 marks have been deducted from our sessionals for the mass bunk 😦 i pity the single digit people.