10 steps on how to Pass your 6th sem EC exam.

Step 1: Get the Syllabus.

Step 2: Get all the books prescribed in the syllabus, nevermind the form(solid, electronic) in which you get them.

Step 3: Sit in the first bench and try to make (little) sense atleast in every class.

Step 4: Aim to study 7 units per subject.

Step 5: Have a look at what the seniors studied.

Step 6: Study the seniors portion if possible.

Step 7: Study units which you are most clueless about. Trick here is if you cant make much sense of it neither can the paper setters. The Questions are almost always direct or repetitive.

Step 8: Read old solved Question papers.

Step 9: Pray that the above 8 steps are enough.

Step 10: Sleep a lot less during the 2 weeks of exam and dont panic on the last day.

p.s. if  you followed the above 10 steps and are still not confident of getting a distinction. well Congrats! You’re a student of VTU!

Beginning of the End

Its at an end. The 6th sem and with it the third year. Things just went by so fast. Just some time back it was like the beginning of the year and no its all done. The memories remain, they fill up my Facebook albums and overflow everywhere. By far this is the most memorable semester in more ways than one. Weah , i havent been blogging about it all. So you people out here may not know all that been going on. Sorry couldnt helps it.
Where do i go next? thats the big question that remains now. What does the future hold? Placements have never been on my mind and there aren’t any to talk about anyway thanks to recession. Whats next? undecided i say. Entrances stare back at me yet again. Maybe i ll take the plunge and settle down for another 2 years of “higher” studies. Maybe thats the easy way out. Cushioning yourself to launch into the big wide world out yonder. So studies will have to start this hols. Only time will tell if they bear fruit.

Listening to Dave Mathews Band…Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King.

Exams begin on 23rd.

Trying to Bell Something.

Well its no secret but i did join CAT classes at TIME last Sunday. Me and Raison(thank god i have company) decided to start taking our future plans seriously. Although an MBA is not what i have in mind maybe it may fit in with the great plan ahead. There’s this group of my friends who are gonna write all this higher studies exams within the next year. Placements have kinda dried up and everyone’s looking for an escape hatch. Its gonna be tough for our batch of people but we are the ones who are the most active in college so i think we can really get outta this quite okay. Survival they say is only of the fittest 😉

We also got permission to start a Quiz Club in College, a first. There are no clubs in College but we hope to make that change starting with the Quiz club 🙂

Exam phever

Pramod had told me about doing something like this and finally they executed and uploaded it..Nicely done 🙂 for a photo slide show that is.

Credits: 2nd years, NMAMIT.

P.S. yeah and Happy New Year.. and my Holidays just started today so about one month of lazying around to look forward too.. oh and a LOT of tags to take up *sigh*