Enlightened Deletion

well i’ve been putting off this for quite some time now and well today i decided that enough was enough. So some accounts had to go. These were of no particular use to me nor did i even visit them nor do they influence my online life in any way. Hence the few that i deleted had to go. About 6 so far. Well i wont be deleting my various email accounts because i use them as IM accounts bascially except for the Gmail one-thats the official one. Twitter will stay as will Orkut, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Facebook. if i do remember being part of anything else that account may be a risk. One of my backup gmail and orkut accounts did also get deleted 🙂

Deleting accounts was a bit tedious as i had to remember the password combinations on all the different accounts. somehow i remembered. one thing u do come across while doing so is that every service asks you why you are deleting the respective account before it allows you to go any further.

lets see..

Exams start on 24th 🙂 my rants on them coming up.