B’day Boy Me

well its here. actually by the time im writing this post its also done with. im 20 today. the teenage has passed me by. B’days are always interesting things. am one of those people who usually remember everyone’s b’days hence its interesting for me to find out who will remember mine 🙂

This B’day was a real good one; one of the best. i got my first (probably) midnight call, got to bunk classes with attendance(attended only one), got b’day songs sung in class and college bus among other things.

one of the things i like is to see when people will remember its my B’day… Rajat just wished me some time back so at the moment he’s the last guy.

Its been a fun 20 years…

Last birthday 🙂

Honesty pays???

one of the most argued question. do be or not to be…???? honest that is… i am usually the one for honesty .. except when its me in trouble 😀 My friends know know this and kidd me enough.

ok now this is what happened:

we’ve been having these rumours going around of an inevitable Cell raid after somewhat 10 days ago a circular was read aloud in class stating the obvious: “Raids will be conducted by a special squad of staff ” along with another one dictating that one is to stick to the mandatory dress code. ‘no t-shirts please’ and a host of other things… wish the college would provide the cash for expanding our wardrobe if they are so much worried about morality and other shit.

The notice made most of us wary. and after 2 drills in class participated by me and Ananth only. i decided its too much to give my heart an adrenaline push so often. i did have the option of keeping the cell in my friends PG, but why bother?? laziness rules!! yay! for this week for example i just got it on tuesday since the main reason we need a cell is to locate people. its too tough keeping tabs on where people are or are going.

Today morning i had an intution or something ( claims it rubbed off )  to not take the cell to college, even though i had to pass on a parcel to my neighbour. and Ta Dah! there was a raid at 10 in the morning. The HOD gave a very inspiring speech about honesty and the 3 levels of punishment. so inspiring that the other section “honestly” gave up around 16 cells. next was our turn. i was chill. didnt have anything to worry about. people who did , managed. “Honesty” had 2.5 victims. one was sure to get it back soon by ‘influence’-very indian na? and other was Aks ‘s iPod ( college slang for mp3 player, not to be mistaken for only the Apple variety) . so Technically only one cell was seized.. to be apparently given back after april 14th. Many literally “walked out” with their cells unnoticed. Thus they didnt get anything much from our class. From what i observed, the check was very minimal. i personally opened my bag and just showed them what i wanted them to see. i didnt expect senior lecturers to bend down and check my shoes.

this spoiled many people’s days ( is that grammatically correct???)

My Questions :

  1. Do you think Cells are required ?? especially when our college is around 62 kms away from home sweet home.
  2. Why are Lecturers allowed to get them then???
  3. This experience showed that Honesty doesnt pay… so what should we do ???

Last of all : Kudos to the Guy* who walked out with a cell in each leg.

*- name with held for googling purpose .

where do i begin??

where do i begin??

lot of things going on lately which has left me so darned busy. long days.. reach home after 7 now( my fault), auditioning for Incident (am in Dumb Charardes , potpourri and wordgames so far-the fault why am late), dropping off in HDL,MC and that one class of CS, etc, etc…

Of late, i restarted using Google reader to keep track of feeds.. which will also explain why ive not been commenting on you people’s blogs more often.. u know its just that im so lazy and there’s way too much to read. Also started subscribing to Comics on it, hence 2 of you will have to adjust with my excessing comic strip sharing 🙂 ( reading PHD comics, Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert..)

Then there’s of course the quiz auditions on Monday and the article for the College magazine to be written. Man!!! do i have my hands full!!! so full that i guess i will have to stop reading Shantaram.. renewed it last weekend and havnt read a word over 200 pages 😦

the only good thing that i ve noticed lately is that im being more like myself 🙂 deciding to give that “nice boy” tag a bit of a nudge 🙂

p.s. if any of you people believe that EC students are nerds… well u havnt met our 2nd year bunch of nutcases.. check out this 20 second video from Vigneshwar containing a crazed moment from the last trip . sadly , i wasnt there 😦 eventhough the subs totally suck balls there’s hardly a dull moment in coll 🙂

/reflecting on the fact that ive used too many smilies in this post

preparation head on

yesterday me, Syn and Raison ended up going to Engineer 2008 at Nitk- the engineering fest. Karthik sadly cudnt make it. unexpected last minute change of plans. Since it was the last day, we didnt get to see very much of anything. we reached there at 4 something and sat in for the Apple demo by a senior guy from Ample tech., their leading indian partner. then we didnt have anything much to do after that since either all the good events were in the morning or at night. but it wasnt all that bad. i met a lot of my old friends who i havnt met in almost a year!! chatted with most who were there. checked out the canteen and found out that the same guy who owns our college’s one owns this one too !!! Arun (a nitk friend) took part in the Architect competition ( build strong structures with ice candy sticks and fevicol). he came third. overall Engineer had a lot of innovative competitions and workshops. sad i missed it 😦

but wait thats not all…. next up is Nitk’s Incident’08 and Yes, i am going to take part in it. so now the preparation begins … i dont want to make a fool of myself na 🙂 it may also mean bunking about 4 days of classes 🙂 the fest is from 27th Feb -3rd march.

wish me luck.. taking part in quizzes and word games…

glazed over

the day was more or less the same….. the start of the EC fourth sem!!! typically started off with what we have become so accustomed to-no class.
Actually we had labs which are not held in the first week so afternoon free, yay! plus LIC ma’am left us after just 15 minutes of class.
as it is, the wednesday is the prescribed half day but i forsee more 🙂 with tutorials usually being the casualties.
The teachers are average. we got our NA sir teaching us S&S another mass-audi subject, which is good. The rest of the lecturers are new to us,
a couple of whom we have met earlier in the labs last sem. only time will tell how this even sem will turn up! what with apparently the fest line up and all.

the above para was written by me 2 days before this present one.. just observe the change in it.

the days are getting back to boring. our attention span has gotten less and i think that the new subjects are the culprits. every time that the lecturer turns towards the board , we look at each other and give a smile acknowledging the fact that not much is actually entering our heads.
rest of the time if i look around i mostly see people staring blindly at the board with blank faces showing no emotion. dazed.
ok so we have 2 HOD’s the EC and the Math one. most of the subjects that we have are frigtheningly horrible and most of what is taught so far sounds very much like gibberish.
its as a friend said ” this sem when we understand something its like we are glad we are making sense of something at least.”
also those free hours we enjoyed so much last sem are going to be scarce this time around with the B section getting 2 of the lecturers who allow their classes to be cancelled.
they already have tomorrow free due to that. the CS sir looks nice.. he’s one of the most experienced one in college.
In HDL u cant talk. MC sir wont allow us to come in t-shirts. most of our subjects deal majorly with maths.
Everywhere…. integrating, differentiating, laplace and z transforming, fouriers and other series… forming an integral part of the subject.

so here we go!!!!

p.s. we got saturday off 🙂