now that was sad.. so heart breaking-ly sad 😦 we were so close to the fox in the first round at the 4 coded message. there were 20 messages in all of which we got 18 which was pretty good because we decided that the fox was in quite another direction after the 4th message and were quite lost. Vigneshwar meanwhile had gone for starwars prelims and after that he had quite a job to search us foxes. so it was me, raison and kk searching, running and exploring every bit of nitk campus. my knowledge of shortcuts helped. well some good arose from going there for the past 3 years. 4 teams from Nitte qualified out of about 15 for the finals. in the end our college won the 2nd and the 3rd plac; both by third years. while the finals took place me and vigneshwar were annoyed that we didnt take part in starwars more whole heartedly as we saw the most sad finals ever taking place in a discreet part of the campus with the 4 of us being the only audience. 2 of our college teams were in the finals and that was the only reason we watched the finals.  😀

Overall i Nitte is doing pretty good this year. maybe they have been suitably inspired by us seniors or maybe by the huge amount of stuff thats been won by the students so far in 2009. well, what to say. its been a good year. and hope i continues to be.

we left for home at around 5. on the way we decided to use the Pizza hut coupons that vigneshwar had won in some side events. we ordered a paneer el rancho and a chicken supreme back at Bharat mall and we met Narendra there with his sis. we ate and were off home.

at home guess what? there ‘s biryani thats been prepared. 😦 now i wont be able to gorge down as much! so am delaying as i finally update my blog after ages ;P



the windows 7 launch party was organised by karthik in college and it went on pretty well. earlier in the afternoon i had laughed at raison and the others that you wont win any of the prizes and that was kinda was happened. karthik did not want to appear biased towards his friends and didnt allow us to win any 😦

anyway things got sorted out eventually and i guess things are back to normal. except for the fact of raison mentioning mental stress today at Engineer 😀

Going To Shaastra:Epitaph

Finally after the tension of being selected came the tension of booking tickets. The 28th of September is Vijayadashami so naturally a holiday which is why the trains on that day were booked full! a Group chat on Google kinda made things clear and eventually we decided to travel on the 29th and reach there on the 30th. The cost involved with the 15 of us would be quite a lot, when you consider the accomodation, food,etc for 5 days.

This is the epitaph of the ‘going to Shaastra’ post. Well we did go to Shaastra and boy! was it good. We won Second in Simulation Championship and other teams came third in Shaastra Circuit Design Challenge and The Rising. The More Detailed post will be coming up as soon as i get time to write it 🙂

My Nitte to-do List

Its been a hectic start to the new semester at College; my seventh. The Final Year of B.E. life, the final year to realise our dreams, the final year to live life, to have fun and the final year to complete “the Things You need to DO while at Nitte”. The Newest checked item on my list is Having Bun-Palti with Cheese at Shashi’s. I had to Wait for about a year after i heard about it to actually taste it.

This list is more or less made of stuff that you need to try atleast once while at Nitte. Everyone has their own interests and their lists should reflect this. Me being a foodie and fun loving guy , my list essentially consists of these interests. They may seem mundane but sometimes you realise that you haven’t done that. Its the experience that s required.

Some of the stuff on the list that i have done are :

  1. Visit Parapady Falls.
  2. Eat Bun Palti.
  3. Take part in Fresher’s orientation.
  4. Ride in Toofan.
  5. Visit the “tribute to rock” murals at Shabari and have a bite to eat too.
  6. Eat Awesome Puri Bhaji at hut ( although i did not end up in panaji)

Well there are also some that are more like a personal achievement. Like staying real late in college, starting a club in college, being backstage, practising for events, singing in the department library, hanging out at MBA forest, watching a movie at Forever, roaming in Manipal and Karkala, studying at Sanmathi and definitely eating out at all the nearby joints and riding the College buses.

While all these things do bring up fond memories there are still quite a lot of things that i have not been able to do. A visit to Kemmanu temple, The Hanging bridge, Gomateshwara statue at Karkala, Bhoot bungalow( Rajat suggested this place) and the most awaited one undoubtedly is “the middle finger” like monolith 😀 (only 23ers will make sense of this one)

So there goes. I hope am able to complete the list and maybe add some more stuff to it while am here this way.

Seventh Semester Subject Review

Back to college and first thing you realise is that classes are so Borrrr..ing. Most of the subjects are theory ones and we have quite a lot of Comp. Sci. subjects too.

So here’s what i will be studying this semester.

  1. Computer Communication Networks.
  2. Digital Signal Processors- Algorithms and Architecture.
  3. Optical Fibre Communication.
  4. Power Electronics.
  5. Operating Systems.
  6. Real time systems.
  7. Power electronics Lab
  8. Vlsi Lab with Cadence.

The only interesting thing is the last one because you get to use the Solaris OS. Until i get the hang of the commands typing in it is a pain. I just had one class of it. But its worth the trouble to learn. Most of the others are just so alike that they drag you into saturation. I got sessionals in 10 days. Gotta wake up now.

Also our synopsis of the final year project has to be ready, project guide has to be chosen and basic groundwork needs to be done. In addition im planning to take part in technical events wherever possible and get some practical experience. Oh an i almost forgot that i need to organise events in college and study for CAT and GATE. With all these things i wonder would there be any free time at all. Whew!

10 steps on how to Pass your 6th sem EC exam.

Step 1: Get the Syllabus.

Step 2: Get all the books prescribed in the syllabus, nevermind the form(solid, electronic) in which you get them.

Step 3: Sit in the first bench and try to make (little) sense atleast in every class.

Step 4: Aim to study 7 units per subject.

Step 5: Have a look at what the seniors studied.

Step 6: Study the seniors portion if possible.

Step 7: Study units which you are most clueless about. Trick here is if you cant make much sense of it neither can the paper setters. The Questions are almost always direct or repetitive.

Step 8: Read old solved Question papers.

Step 9: Pray that the above 8 steps are enough.

Step 10: Sleep a lot less during the 2 weeks of exam and dont panic on the last day.

p.s. if  you followed the above 10 steps and are still not confident of getting a distinction. well Congrats! You’re a student of VTU!

Beginning of the End

Its at an end. The 6th sem and with it the third year. Things just went by so fast. Just some time back it was like the beginning of the year and no its all done. The memories remain, they fill up my Facebook albums and overflow everywhere. By far this is the most memorable semester in more ways than one. Weah , i havent been blogging about it all. So you people out here may not know all that been going on. Sorry couldnt helps it.
Where do i go next? thats the big question that remains now. What does the future hold? Placements have never been on my mind and there aren’t any to talk about anyway thanks to recession. Whats next? undecided i say. Entrances stare back at me yet again. Maybe i ll take the plunge and settle down for another 2 years of “higher” studies. Maybe thats the easy way out. Cushioning yourself to launch into the big wide world out yonder. So studies will have to start this hols. Only time will tell if they bear fruit.

Listening to Dave Mathews Band…Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King.

Exams begin on 23rd.