Re: Talking Fossils

A  friend of mine shared this article from the Telegraph on Facebook and he asked me my views so i ended up typing a hastily written paragraph on my thoughts.

Time and again someone writes such an article which makes people think about the current state of affairs in the most populous country of the world. People share it around and then after some days its consigned to the corner of their minds. People talking about change but there are hardly anyone who is doing anything that will change the way things are. The common man has been too alienated from the bureacracy that they dont want to get involved or cant if they want to. Take for examples our political parties, they are a prime example of how our democracy is actually an oligarchy. There are few young people in government service and no way for them to climb up the ladder to actually bring a change, add to this the fact that they would rather live a relaxed life than create a new world order implies that India wont change, not now and not by 2020. You would know what happened in our college itself, the administration was unwiling to listen to the ideas of the students and always tend to do what they think is right eventhough it would not make  sense. There also comes another problem when you try to change something for the good, there are people who make a living because of the way things are. Your actions would inconvenience them and that would add to resistance thus impeding the change you desire.

Read this also.

What are your thoughts on this article?

Reloaded: How Things Changed Part 1

At the beginning, I was so different, Life was so different. Lets look at how my expenditure went on in 1st Semester .

Now Let see the situation in 8th semester:

*Rs 11 for the Rickshaw in the Morning. Cause i am always late to catch the bus at 7:00 and end up talking a rick to RTO.

I saved that because Dad started dropping me to the bus in 3rd year.

* Rs 10 for the Journey to college..thats becoz i take the college bus..5 rupees cheaper than the average express bus…10rupees cheaper if we bribe the conductor..[doesnt work now].

Still did that. It cost us 10 but i’ve heard its 15 now. Mornings were spent on bus 7/17 .

* Rs 7-9 on the mid morning break..all that listening to lectures makes us Hungry….

If there was a mid-morning snack then the spending was 25 but these werent regular in 8th semester. This was because either our class ended by 12-1 or we didnt go to class 😛

* Rs 10-20 forthe afternoon Meal/food….Whatever else we eat like ice creams and juices just add to the bill.

Now this portion got inflated to a lot bigger number partly thanks to the economy partly due to our lunches outside the campus serving non veg fare. 40 buck approximate??

* Rs 15 for the evenning Express bus Home…College bus cheaper but has its timings…Who’s gonna wait????

Who would have thought that this would change? Who’s gonna wait? Well we did. No going home early. 4th semester was the turning point. oh and it now costs 16 for express. Evenings were spent usually on bus 23 with the Rs. 10 ticket.

So if you forget the fact that we also dropped by at fast food joints on our way home in the evening i would spend a minimum of 75 on a day. Keep in mind my monthly allowance is 1500. How did i manage? My ‘fest’ income supplemented it. Pity, thats ended.

How Things changed.

Origins: Mad Hunter Skozaken

“Mostly the next post will be one on the english blunders of our chemistry sir RB…which were noted down by a friend of mine while me and another guy were busy with our thesis on how to win Tic Tac Toe with all the various possibilities.”

Okay i know the guy who noted down the english blunders was Ajith but who was ‘the theory dude’?

Ha. It was Raison. Found it some more posts later. Wonder if he remembers that theory 😀

This timepass during class evolved as we went through the semesters to sketching superheroes on the desks, playing sudoku on the desk, etc. We also did anagrams which let to the formation of my anagrammed name: Mad Hunter Skozaken which you now find on my blog title.


I realised this the other day as we were called to take stage and enjoy the moments as final years. It would perhaps be our last opportunity. But in the midst of it all I knew that it was not something that I wanted to do. The people on stage were largely a hostile bunch. Reluctantly I climbed up when a friend asked me to. I chatted for a minute and I was back down. People asked me why? I replied I was just not into it. The truth is I was feeling disconnected. When my engineering ends this june, I probably wont miss most of my class mates. Who I’ll probably miss are a bunch of people spread across the college. These have been the people who have shared the same ideals, lived the same experiences and have had fun for the last 3-4 years.

I realise that certain people have changed for the worse and certain others have become distant. There are some that have been misunderstood and some that have hurt me. But I really don’t care about all that. I’m happy with the effort that I put in being part of anything. I may be eccentric and whiny but then also I know certain people appreciate me. My goal to bring about certain awareness in Nitte has been partially successful. Grey matter being the biggest success. I truly hope that someone will carry it forward and guide juniors towards excellence. The unified fest which suddenly looks like a reality will probably happen in the coming years but its success is only limited by the people at its helm. I seriously wish that people become more aware of university culture in the coming years. Another project, The Labyrinth, probably will go online soon.

So looking back on these 4 years, there have been a lot of memories. Aloysius never gave me much of an opportunity to represent them during PUC but Nitte sure gave me a lot. I’ll surely miss the fests that we used to attend, the anticipation and the effort on stage and well, the final glory!

Academically speaking I am an EC illiterate. I can barely remember anything that I have learnt. Decent above average marks dictate a different story. What I have realised is that I’ve become more inclined to modern technologies and computer science.

Oh and for the future of Nitte , there seems to be some hope. The second year teams show promise. I am glad that there are people who can continue what our batch started and perhaps improve on it. For now, the next big thing is VTU fest 2010. What happens next, depends on it.

The Big Choice

The Thing is that I’m not too interested in being an Engineer. Yeah, it does like a dumb career choice seeing that I’m on my way to get an engineering degree but that’s how my life has been, Mostly going with the flow. Things happened and I didn’t have ideas at that time and with me being the eldest in the family I had to explore things on my own; The what, the how and the where to apply, the procedure, etc., being the lazy dude I am , I didn’t venture too much away from the taken path. Me as an individual at a point of time did but only minutely change what I did. Like when I choose EC at Nitte over perhaps a Civil at Nitk. Because when I was to do Engg., I would rather study what I would like to learn about. Why wouldn’t you? Well looking back I still feel it was a good decision. Being at nitte has helped me so much more. I’ve got good friends, I’ve had good fun and I’ve lived.
So now we meet again at our next cross roads. TCS ya Infy? We can choose one. But once selected in one we would be stuck there for at least the duration of the service agreement expiry date. Now that’s 2 years for TCS while Infy is only 1 yr. So if I would be looking to seriously pursue my higher studies I should look towards Infy as a good employer. The pay there also seems to be slightly more.(lesser holidays)
But now what if I don’t make it to any of the higher studies colleges(that I want to get in and not any institute down the road) this year? Or the next? Wouldn’t TCS look like a better option in the long run. From what I’ve heard is that it gives better job opportunities.(more holidays)

But coding is not what I would like to see myself doing with my life. But I can’t see myself working in an EC background either. Yes I do like the coding aspect in EC better any day. Right now what seems to be an ideal choice for me would be like doing my MBA. That means passing through CAT(IIM’s) and/or XAT(XLRI) and going towards more managerial positions, of which HR looks inviting because it s essentially interacting with people.
On the other hand, GATE offers me a good College (IIT’s, NIT’s,IISc) and an approx Rs 8000 a month scholarship provided I get into a college. But looking at my current situation and with only one month remaining for GATE after my exams, my chances don’t look so good in it. But this has been a dream of mine to study from a premier technical institution.

And the choice of going abroad was thrown out by me a couple of months back. Presently it looks economically crazy to go for it. Scholarships are rare and you are more or less expected to foot the bill. That’s where huge bank loans will come in. How long do you think you will take to repay them back? After your MS that is. Yeah, the degree is coveted and most people say it would not take too long, provided that your MS is in a good subject. Some people like Rahul are indeed going for it. He’ s got a good GRE score and is pretty sure about what he’s going to do.

Now my choices are not limited to just these. An uncle of mine wants me to join government service. Perhaps write IAS like a certain ‘son of mangalore’ who passed it last year. The government does need youth but am not too good with languages. This had prompted me to dump the idea of a medical seat even though I had a CET rank of 441( yea bragging rights are mine). Because like medicine, government is about serving people.. Although what we see is not too many are doing that. It s not like they are not willing but it’s more like the system does not allow them to. Joining a system that does not work well will do no good.

So what do I want to be?

Somewhere down the line I want to quit work and start to enjoy the finer things in life. Do what I want to. Go through my Bucket List. This would mean safe and wait. What the TCS spokesperson, Sampath Kumar, said really impressed me. He gave us a brief intro of his life. Now that’s an accomplished man. He spent 19 years working for Bharat Electronics Ltd. Did his higher studies with them. Quit to join an MNC, quit the MNC when he was about to be promoted and started something that he wanted to do; Rural education. He became an educator and a multi-certified one at that. He was one of the founding team of the first BPO in India and then he joined TCS and is part if their leadership group. The guy is genuine. He’s lived his life. He’s done what he wanted to do. I haven’t met many such people in my life. Whenever I do , I feel immense respect for them. It made me remark to Karthik ‘ somewhere down the line , I wish I get a job like his’.

All this takes me back to ‘the Masterplan’ made by Rajat and me. But the feasibility of the plan would be only if time was slightly on the infinity side. ‘the Masterplan’ would also mean that you would be studying for a good amount of your life, but it would allow you to do all that you dream. It works well if you aren’t sure about what to do next. But the next thing on ‘the Masterplan’ is an Mtech degree through GATE.

So there we have it. My dilemma, in my words. It’s quite a lot. But it feels good to type it all out. I needed to do this and hope that few who read this were not too bored. So on the 19th I feel I’ll decide what needs to be done i.e., TCS ya Infy. Making Major decisions in between semester exams is just adding to the stress. Sheesh!

To Kill A Mocking Bird: Movie Review

Another thing got added to my ‘Nitte To-do list‘ recently. To watch a Movie with the Faculty projected in an AC seminar hall. The movie in question was ‘To kill a Mocking Bird’ which s based on the Pulitzer award winning novel of the same name, written by Harper Lee.

The Movie filmed in 1962 starred Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch is a lawyer in a racially divided Alabama town in the 1930s. He agrees to defend a young black man who is accused of raping a white woman.

We are told the story from the viewpoint of “Scout”, the 6 year old tomboy child of Atticus. An adult Scout narrates the story to the audience. The Innocence of Scout is clearly visible through out. There’s also side stories about Boo Radley and the the Development of Atticus’ image in the eyes of the viewer (as well as his children) as the film progresses.

Its a wonderful story and the movie is well made. The Characters have been essayed perfectly. I loved the movie, even though i could predict part of the story line. Even after the Movie, there was one Quote that stayed with me.


Atticus Finch: I remember when my daddy gave me that gun. He told me that I should never point it at anything in the house; and that he’d rather I’d shoot at tin cans in the backyard. But he said that sooner or later he supposed the temptation to go after birds would be too much, and that I could shoot all the blue jays I wanted – if I could hit ’em; but to remember it was a sin to kill a mockingbird.

Jem: Why?

Atticus Finch: Well, I reckon because mockingbirds don’t do anything but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat people’s gardens, don’t nest in the corncrib, they don’t do one thing but just sing their hearts out for us.

Spectra: Day 1

This blog seems to resemble a College Fest review as the past few posts have been ‘fest’ related 😛 well P.A.C.E., M’lore hosted their first Inter-Collegiate fest today. I had to be there mainly because my good friend Ashri was one of the Chief- Coordinators 🙂

Day 1 was fun! we(Me and Rasion) qualified for Wordgames but lost the 2nd place to Rajat and Vigneshwar because of that Damn Tongue Twister Round 😦 “Larry sent the Latter a Letter Later”.
Our DC performance was unexpectedly good.. Its our best so far, in my opinion.
“Are you smarter than a First Year” saw Rajat and Karthik walk away with the First Place.
Execute had 2 of our teams in the 2nd round and even Gaming saw our teams move to the Next Level.

Tomorrow There’s Pot Pourri and DC finals for us.. hope they go well too..

Now There are a couple of things i did today that i am proud of 🙂

  • Me and Rajat hitched a ride in Their all Girl’s(normally) bus.
  • Spelt out ‘T I T S’ on stage at the Word games final round.

ha ha ha ha!