Looking in awe

Today was Day 1 of my so called “industrial training” which is a pretty lame name as we arent trained at all. we just get to how stuff works at the place. So we had decided to do it these holidays. a bit sneakily planned-i wasnt incharge of that. sneaky because what was needed was a small crowd not some huge group tramping all over the building. My friends had heard that BSNL offers this “training” from some seniors and lucky for me decided to include me in the list of interested people 🙂 so finally it was 10 of us. the letter was applied for permission from the college in my neat handwriting. i can be neat when i want 😛 i was also the delivery boy for the letter to the BSNL office because its so close to my house. so all the talking was left to me.

Today we all met and reached the Pandeshwar Exchange by 11-these people dont know how to be punctual. well am not too much of a punctual puritan myself 😛 but then im late only when the places are far away from my place and nearer to the friends i have to meet up with. ok so Pandeshwar exchange.. i had the letter to be given to the Divisional Engineer. we did that and had a look at the 5 ESS and the CDMA-WLL. the former handles the switching of the landlines and the latter of the Cell phones. one is the physical optic fibre connection while the other transmits signals from towers to its subscribers. Most of the stuff that was explained went way over our heads. we havnt studied any of this stuff and what general knowledge i had of calls taking place had to be utilized to make some sense. we had to take notes.. thats what our placement incharge ma’am at college had told us. i lost interest in noting down after sometime because i couldnt understand the crazy digital details 😀 oh and we were left within 90 minutes. tomorrow is another day.

one of the things we saw today:

the impressive looking 5 ESS 2000 for landlines from Lucent Technologies.

there and now

things are ok. atleast thats what im saying and thats how it looks. for one thing im in the last countdown (5 days as of today) . bsnl has been acting pretty weird lately.. for the last 3 weeks or so. bothe the districts of Udupi and DK are having problems. and weird they are. well for one thing i can surf select pages, download stuff, chat online. but i cant access most of the pages. for eg. i can access my blog, read the ones on blogger (not all) and the other day i could access gmail too!!! weird!! hope it gets better. im currently writing this out of boredom. the first time in months that im actually blogging instantly(with an idea forming as i type). and yes, the net is down 🙂

well the last weekend was another “Superbad” weekend . thats what i call them. things go as wrong as they possibly can. not all. my labs went well. In the morning i realised that my SIM is not in my wallet!! i said to myself ” dont panic! it should be there on your shelf. concentrate on your lab first” and i forgot about it. after i reached home i spent a heck of a time searching for it. i double wrecked my table ( which means that its probably looking more organised than ever!!! ) but still couldn’t find. hunted through all the rooms. but it wasn’t there. so now in addition to the spoilt cell i had a lost SIM. i know you will want to ask me “how do i get into these messes?” i say ” aye! i manage somehow” *shrugs shoulders*  but one thing that was good was the Service at the Spice Hotspot. i had a new sim in 5 minutes flat. it also left me poorer by 112 rupees 😦 thats on Monday morning. the very same evening i caught ” I am Legend” at adlabs with the CS guys. which again made me poorer by 110. there were barely 50 people for the 3:15 show and guess the 4 of us would have been better off with the 70 rs ticket. Movie was good!! it was a different type. Of the paranoid futuristic genre that i like. i recommend it for a watch 🙂

oh yeah! i got my Cell back the next day. so am back messaging 🙂

since the net is down today. no orkutting or facebook for me. no IMing either. so for the first time in a while i was free. since blogger was accessible i ended up reading the backlog of blogs which i hadnt read. Sorry Guys!!! especially Ram. i just now noticed that Tag 😦 well now that i realised it. hope i start making amends.

thats my resolution 😉