Two eclipses this month. a Solar today and a Lunar on 16th. Well its no fun because I dont remember having seen either. Its always cloudy here in the rainy season. Besides we get to see only a partial eclipse. some religious practices i heard of today from a friend reminded me of what happened in Tintin and the Prisoners Of The Sun and in another book by Enid Blyton. Lets see if today is any better. Its supposed to be seen at 4:42pm to 6:02pm in Bangalore. so i guess the same holds for us at Mangalore.

Reading: Naruto manga(read 63 comic chapters in a day) and A Clockwork Orange (also watching the Movie)
Listening: a hell lot of stuff 🙂

yay! 4 are gone by.

that s it. its the end of the fourth semester.. and well vacations are here. very much needed. Lot of things are stacked and waiting. Wondering if they will all be done by the time college re-opens.

i read Chetan Bhagat’s The 3 mistakes of my life. i liked it. Some parts were real good. while some i didnt like. Right now am addicted to Satyajit Ray’s Feluda. am reading The Complete Adventures of Feluda: Volume 1.

Adieu to Uniforms

well they are finally over.. Third sem is done with and hopefully behind me 🙂 with that also go the uniforms.. which is both good and bad. Good cause we can wear what we want. Bad cause deciding ‘what’ will only add to the morning rush. anyways that still a month away, ill worry about that later..

these exams were really something. a bunch of us got really creative with stuff from poems, rhymes and a very interesting parody of hotel california. hopefully the creative high continues.

logookay so holidays are here.. the plans are forming.. the first day was a wild day .. with a movie, lunch at food court and beach making up the killer combination. somehow we survived and reached home after a unfamiliar bus journey. what s ahead is pretty much unplanned except for The International Kite Festival on the 19th and 20th.. plus the Beach Utsav again. which just means more beach 🙂

lots of dreams, lots of plans

currently reading : The Devil wears Prada.

I finished “Skulduggery Pleasant” which i recommend if u like fantasy fiction and conversations overflowing with tongue in cheek retorts and sarcasm. its supposedly the first of a part 9 series. there’s a movie expected in 2010 too.. here s what wikipedia has to say. it gives away pretty much the entire story of the book.. so its a spoiler of sorts. i do recommend the official webpage which looks awesome. wanna know why the author Derek Landy wrote it?? see this. this book was one of those rare books that i read with really a lot of interest 🙂 and hope you enjoy it 🙂

thats him