How to take a proper photo of a person in mid-air with a cellphone camera.

Kinda long title that one. Think its the biggest one here so far 😉 so anyway my recent idea of taking a mid-air shot with a Cellphone camera came out a winner. The Secret to it is the timing.

Requirements: a willing victim, one cellphone camera, the beach(for a soft landing), a tailor and paramedics at hand 😛

Step 1. Ask the subject to stand at a distance. preferably at the height relative to you. ( you can also use this idea to murder a particularly stupid person..hey am just saying)

Step 2. Align the Camera in the direction of the subject.

Step 3. Ask the Subject to start his run up towards you.

Step 4. Just before the subject launches upwards Click it. Applicable to Nokia Cams which are slow and will take the next frame of capture which usually frustrates me a lot.

Step 5. Step out of the way of the Subject. you dont want any “crash” landing 😉

Step 6. Voila! Its done.

Failed attempts:

a dash of insanity in the rain

i knew this was an insane idea to begin with but as part of my decision to live life a bit dangerously 😛 i decided o what the hell! lets do it. it was unplanned and last minute. cant believe we all decide to go even though it was raining badly just 5 minutes before we stepped out of Empire. We were supposed to meet at Empire in the afternoon to just chat..but well couple of guys put forward this plan and it looked good. so all agreed to it. so we crossed with the ferry and all. this was my 3rd time to this beach i guess. found that there had been improvements at the ferry landing sites. i was also surprised that there were so many people inspite of it being a rainy sunday. wierd. so we spent a good half hour with no rain,..just cold, cold water. we didnt want to get wet in the sea water so kept safe except a one point an unexpected wave drenched us halfway through. there were also instances of trying to drop some one or the other into water. there were 8 of us by the way. i had a race on the beach with Naman and found out that the old long distance runner in me is still good. then it started to pour. we could actually see it rain far to the left of us and out in the sea. but when it caught up with us.. now thats something else. i was away from the place where we kept our stuff. 3 of the others were really far off. they looked like they had a bath or something 🙂 in their clothes. the rain was hitting hard, the wind was blowing whatever umbrellas we could open. my bag was open and all the stuff fell off while trying to run for cover including the cell. actually everyone’s stuff was in my bag so most of the stuff fell off and we forgot to recover 2 dvd’s. god bless their digital souls. all wet and in 5minutes the rain stopped while we waited under the pine(??) trees. the people came back to the beach and we too went to try to dry ourselves. we didnt wanna get burnt at home 😀 4 of us including me decided to turn back and go home since a couple of them were getting late. we forgot to give the ferry return tickets to the other 4 😀 only i’ve been here in a ferry so far i guess and mario took the tickets 😀

well finally i reached home. my shirt had dried mostly by the time i reached home. the pant is still dripping. thankfully mom didnt notice. let me see what i ll do with it. all sand in the bathroom from the pant while i brushed it… lot of cleaning. damn!