Postcards from another planet

It all started with a impulse purchase at a Bookstore at Khan Market, New Delhi, on our way to Hillhacks at Bir, Himachal Pradesh.

The colour-it-yourself postcards were lacking in quality so I decided to play around with them and imagined that the contents were actually images and drawings from another planet; Andlorra. The birds were coloured exotic and the trees surreal. These were conceptualised and coloured in the Earth House, Palampur.

postcards.pngI sent these to a few friends whose addresses I could gather at that time. The stamps were bought at the Bir subpost office and the postcards were posted from the Dharamshala postoffice. These travelled across the world and funnily enough the Bangalore ones reached last. This was the second time I sent a series of postcards around the world. The last time I sent these was when Shivani hosted a postcard popup shop in Cubbon park last year.

If you want one when I do a series the next time, please share your address with me.


freedom perhaps

its been a while… nearly 5 years since i last touched the brushes. but i had been thinking for sometime that i should try it again. so there i was , sunday morning with nothing special planned for the rest of the day . searching through my old stuff, conveniently crammed into my cupboard, i located the old 2 sided pink pencil box which still held my paints. most of them were still in working condition, luckily :/ . With newspapers covering the bedsheet i sat at my usual “workplace”. something entered my head . i ended up distorting the entire thing but somehow managed to salvage it into the result that u here behold. in the beginning ,i thought i would title it ” freedom” but now it doesnt look fit. any ideas???

now i know it sucks. and if u think so too. please let me know 🙂 if by some rare chance ur an art critic perhaps u can see the artist(painter) in me. i dont usually drift towards painting. basically prefer pencil shading. been at it since i was very very little. i had given up painting since i used to mess up the entire thing. but this time i found my strokes more straight. surprising!

Watch this space !!!!