New Year predictions..

well to follow up on whatsup at’s my new year predictions..

first of all i think i will finish up the sems quite nicely and life will be good for me…

i see myself finally learning the Guitar and finishing up with the first Sem..a brief holiday after wards..and then back to good ol’ college..if i Have to believe the horoscopes tha i usually read at about this time of the year..the next year wud be pretty good for me..Hope it’s true!!!!My Birthday is a long way[just 3 months] away but i think i will end up giving a treat ..otherwise it wud usually be during the holidays when i cud give it to only some people .. 😦

The world is only getting more muddled as My friend Atlantean keeps telling us

also i see Myself becoming a part geek the end of the year.. atleast..moreover the excise duty cut on electronic and computer goods may just be an aded advantage to me….

lots more but later…

Some Nerdy Resolutions…

Nerdy Resolutions

In the New year , i will resolve the favorites list on my Browser to at least 365. I will resolve to not exceed the download limit of My High speed Broad band Connection.
I will Upgrade my pc into a TV with a TV tuner card.
I will Visit Flickr whenever i need to take a holiday.
I will try to learn more Programming Languages.
When i hear a joke ,I will not laugh out loudly LOL ,LOL, nice one, LOL.

But here are some of my resolutions for the year…
I will also try not to exceed the download limit.
I will try to post a blog as often as i can and continue to blog this year too..
I will try to retain my sanity .
I will also try to survive these engg. semesters..
I will continue my quest to get a cellphone.

P.s.///Hey the New Net speed is too good…but has the Dwnload limit really changed to about 1GB???the site doesnt tell us that at alll