there and now

things are ok. atleast thats what im saying and thats how it looks. for one thing im in the last countdown (5 days as of today) . bsnl has been acting pretty weird lately.. for the last 3 weeks or so. bothe the districts of Udupi and DK are having problems. and weird they are. well for one thing i can surf select pages, download stuff, chat online. but i cant access most of the pages. for eg. i can access my blog, read the ones on blogger (not all) and the other day i could access gmail too!!! weird!! hope it gets better. im currently writing this out of boredom. the first time in months that im actually blogging instantly(with an idea forming as i type). and yes, the net is down πŸ™‚

well the last weekend was another “Superbad” weekend . thats what i call them. things go as wrong as they possibly can. not all. my labs went well. In the morning i realised that my SIM is not in my wallet!! i said to myself ” dont panic! it should be there on your shelf. concentrate on your lab first” and i forgot about it. after i reached home i spent a heck of a time searching for it. i double wrecked my table ( which means that its probably looking more organised than ever!!! ) but still couldn’t find. hunted through all the rooms. but it wasn’t there. so now in addition to the spoilt cell i had a lost SIM. i know you will want to ask me “how do i get into these messes?” i say ” aye! i manage somehow” *shrugs shoulders*Β  but one thing that was good was the Service at the Spice Hotspot. i had a new sim in 5 minutes flat. it also left me poorer by 112 rupees 😦 thats on Monday morning. the very same evening i caught ” I am Legend” at adlabs with the CS guys. which again made me poorer by 110. there were barely 50 people for the 3:15 show and guess the 4 of us would have been better off with the 70 rs ticket. Movie was good!! it was a different type. Of the paranoid futuristic genre that i like. i recommend it for a watch πŸ™‚

oh yeah! i got my Cell back the next day. so am back messaging πŸ™‚

since the net is down today. no orkutting or facebook for me. no IMing either. so for the first time in a while i was free. since blogger was accessible i ended up reading the backlog of blogs which i hadnt read. Sorry Guys!!! especially Ram. i just now noticed that Tag 😦 well now that i realised it. hope i start making amends.

thats my resolution πŸ˜‰

Labs..3rd sem

ok so well i had my two labs for the third sem .. the finals… last week.. on thursday and saturday!! they went on pretty well because i got basically easy stuff and somehow managed to get output πŸ˜› the correct one πŸ™‚ ok so the EC lab was first. the thing is that the lab is relative easier except for the fact that you dont usually get easy outputs but it is stuff that you expect from the list of the 12 experiments so you will manage to pass even if you dont get the output. i got Colpitts oscillator. an easy one. a small one. so good for me.. had to design for 100kHz frequency , what i managed was 111.11kHz. a good try. better than what i had got during regular labs!!! so was happy.. finished with my Viva. the external looked kinda hip with a Tshirt from MIT and all… i was sitting right next to the lecturers so i ended up listening to their small talk. well there was not much of anything else to do but wait my turn. the viva went on ok ok.. and i was the first guy outta there πŸ™‚ Madhu had a slightly more bigger experiment because there’s a lot of calculation and graphs in hers. so had to wait for her.. met the CS guys outside. they had done with their ds labs.

so well saturday came and there i was again … LD lab. not something that you can predict because they give you questions which are more application based and not from the regular list of questions so you need to study all your theory and be ready!! i got a realisation of a function with 4:1 MUX with two parts to it. and also to realize a JK flip flop using only NAND gates.. lot of design work. but i was fairly confident of making it. i did do it. Ma’am told never mind the second circuit. same as first( the output that is) so i finished by 12:30 and then had to wait for the external. had gone for lunch after asking Madhu her viva( she finished first) and then we had a very long wait!!! more than hour, People who i knew passed by the corridor next to the lab. they were wondering what we were doing sprawled on the table. well there was nothing else much to do!! totally bored . nothing to pass the time by!!! a lab assistant commented ” avanu yelli guddege hogidane?? canteen elliye ede alla!” ( where has the external gone>???? to the mountains ?? the canteen is nearby na. ) well he did turn up at about 1:35. and asked 4 questions to me . 2 i answered but the other 2 were completely crazy. never heard about before stuff. but who cares. :/ i was outta there. and thats all i cared about.

its over. now for the theory. can you people believe i have exams -Logic Design on the First of January. Happy New year!!!!

Exams for christmas

as i was saying.. life’s become kinda monotonous.. these study hols are truly from Hell!! why do you need them?? i always cram last minute inspite of all the time now. there’s no adrenaline junking if you study now.. so here i am sleeping 10 hours a day, watching a lot of tv in between studies.. seriously speaking i have been watching a lot of movies lately!!! more then i even have during the whole last semester!!!! am waiting for Heroes -season 2 now.

this is the saddest part of the year to schedule exams for.. all through my life i totally enjoyed December. being in catholic schools we got them 10 odd days holidays at christmas which was definitely what i looked forward to all year. enter VTU, no holidays only studies, ” Christmas..?? New Year…?? Bah! Humbug!! ” acting like Scrooge. stingy with its holidays and attendace( 85% is way too high but i manage). spoilsport!!!

ok so shopping is one thing that is synonymous with Christmas. Heck! we dont have any other major festivals to shop for.. Easter is there but prior to that day is the 40 day lenten season where you have to mourn, fast,etc.. ok so thats something which i will do.. My bro’s is done. we checked out the new Khadim’s store. not happy. no selection. costly. dont go there. i wanna check out the new Mega mart at PVS next.

right now looking curiously at the silver Sony ViaoΒ  beside my bed. more on that in the next post.

Whew! Manipal again.

back to the same state.. the semester has ended… the internals are over…. the marks have been finalized…. study holidays await…. semester exams creep closer….

the thing that i was looking forward to was the trip to Manipal with Syn.Β  of course, Karthik was gonna be the guide. since he does stay there. Sindhu hadnt met Karthik so far either with the meeting getting cancelled every time. well some how we planned and put it together. we left at 10 from mangalore but the bus was a bit slow in the beginning but caught on later. the route is slightly longer then the one i take daily to college. reached at about 11:30 .. went to Karthik’s place first and then to Dollops. we got to see his new Dell pc. At Dollops, ( my second time there na) we had lunch and then went for a walk around the campus. then headed to Endpoint. last time it was really hot .. nice thing that it was cloudy this time around so we could walk around inspite of it being 2 in the afternoon. finally we headed back to the main centre to check out MIT campus. by then we were totally exhausted with all the walking ! me was very thirsty and hence had a chocolate milkshake and a ginger lime soda. i was ridiculed over my choice but well πŸ˜›

anyway the day was over. we needed to get back home to mangalore so we caught a bus and bid adieu to karthik and thats it.

Thank you to Sindhu and Karthik. it was awesome!!! am looking forward for similar things this semester holidays in January!

here’s Syn’s version of events πŸ™‚