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By now Most of the Indians would know that RDB[Rang De Basanthi] has been selected as India’s entry to the Oscars,beating Tough competition from Lagey Raho Munnabhai,Omkara,Krrish and Kank..Amir Khan’s in the fray for the coveted honour for the second time and the people are hoping he should be second time lucky.While the Munnabhai producers are seekin to enter the foriegn category also as a separate entry..

I feel that the community did the right thing in sending Rang De Basanthi to the oscars.Because the movie is about and for the youth.It shows the public what seems to going in the mind fo the country’s young they feel about corruption and injustice.The RDB ideas are not just true in reel life but also in real life ,the Anti -reservation row and the recent cellphone protest was real enough..RDB and a host of the recent movies are belonging to a different genre of indian cinema and i like what is happening.they are quality movies and the people have responded positively to them..RDB released at the beggining of the 2006 and made hay since there were no other movies worth competing against,while Munnabhai released in september when there was also Omkara,the Shakespearic Adaptation of Othello ,and Kank at the boxoffice.but Munnabhai did quite well for it self,[being a sequel]and is still doing so.But the main idea of Lage Raho was to Package Gandhi of yesteryear to modern people who seem to have forgotten his principles and ideals,the politicians who preach in his name are a disgrace.Gandhi was an exceptional man who did play the part of the leader of the freedom movement effectively.His ideals worked at that time because there were people who were listening and would do anything to achieve independence..But in this corrupt world today ,can we apply his principles??? wont we be trampled upon by others if we do so??Now Both the Movies made the people realise their present state of living ignorance of what is happening around us.but i dont feel that if the common man tries to adopt the ideals of gandhigiri he will bring about a change in his world,because now those ideals can be used by only powerful people to get any results,not much has changed,huh?,See in the Movie Munnabhai is a “Bhai” ,a type of authority in the urban jungle.thats why i feel that the ideas are a bit flawed.there’s where RDB get the pat on the back it targets the youth particularly which is its most effective offensive,since they form a important part of our economy .it has instigated the youth on what a group of like minded people could do and achieve and has awakened us to a new situation. But assasinating the corrupt ministers wouldnt be a good idea cause then out parliament would be deserted,nor voting during the elections will be of any help.we have to many corrupt ,illiterate officials every where,the only way out is that we should join the political world,but that’s too distant i have to admit.

RDB brings the spirit to the masses it tells us how each one of us are the cause for the current state and how we should try to get the best of the system.Now the Reservation row did get ugly ,but wasn’t it justified?? as it is there are hardly any seats left in the premier institutions especially in the med. schools.How can the politicians play with our future??all for the reason of votes?? 😦 Merit Vs Reservation ,the argument goes on ..Personally i feel merit is good and reservation is required ,,but Who do you think benefits from the reservation?? i have enough experience about the matter,because i saw that when i went for my counselling i saw that there were too many categories thus reducing the number of free GM seats to a low double digit number.and who do you think takes advantage of this situation ? the rich bussinessmen who dont need to submit their income as it is ,rarely do the needy benefit . Some people who i know too have taken the same path,getting a low income certificate on the basis that their dad is a bussinessman[on loss] or sc/st..guess what are the requirements fo ra low income certificate? the family annual income from all sources should be below 1.5 lakh…huh??? how can anyone support a family and send their children to schools and not especially not to in this world with that sort of income!!!! feel that the system has to be rethought and the needy should be given only the reservation only..

Wow how my mind changes and drifts ,,,anyway i wanted to write about all of this and this feels like a load of my shoulders!!!..well what i have written is my viewpoint and is not supposed to be against any one ,any caste ,anti -governmental nor pro -activist.Thank You .

P.s.This is gonna be a regularly updated column here

8 thoughts on “Life Insight 1”

  1. I liked RDB…I’m happy with it being the choice for the Oscars. I haven’t seen Lagey raho and don’t even plan to. Not a huge fan of Gandhi so staying away from it…the promos were enough!

    Reservations? No comment…enough said 😛

  2. send this mail to: and CC: to; for more details visit
    Sri Shivaraj Patil
    Honbl. Union Minister
    Ministry of Home Affairs
    New Delhi

    Sub: Opposition against name change of Mangalore city


    This is an appeal on behalf of the residents of Mangalore city against the name change that has been proposed by the Karnataka Government. The Karnataka Government has recently passed a resolution to change the name of “Mangalore” to “Mangalooru”. This is an Kannada version of the city name. This is not acceptable to the people of Mangalore as the 3 largest linguistic communities of Mangalore are Tulu, Konkani and Beary and they call Mangalore as Kudla, Kodial and Maikala respectively. Moreover the population with kannada as mother tongue in Mangalore is less than 2%.

    The Karnataka Government has not taken the consensus of the residents of the city with regard to the name change. This is not as per the prescribed procedure. Now the final decision rests with the Honbl. Home Ministry as the proposal has been tabled before it. This is a humble request on behalf all the residents of Mangalore that this name change should not be enforced and status quo should be maintained.

    We believe that you will look into this matter very objectively and reject the proposal for name change.

    Looking forward to a favorable action.

    Yours truly,

  3. Against reservation forever!People must be given incentives and scholarship if they are from a low income background and instead, not push them forward over the more deserving meritorious students.It is absolute injustice, especially reservation based on caste.How will a person be entitled to get better job, better position, better college, better (almost) everything merely based on a caste which one is born in? The entire system will suffer quality because of this.It is just so demotivating to think about this unfair system. (Sorry for the rant.)

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